Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy III

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Milk yield and composition of Holstein cows fed increasing levels of amylolytic enzyme.
Caio Seiti Takiya
Biofortificated milk: Selenium and vitamin E in cow’s diet to improve nutritional components in milk.
Marcia S. V. Salles
Effect of fermented corn silage density and gas filled porosity on corn silage pH and fermentation end-products.
William L. Braman
Productive performance of dairy cows fed saturated and unsaturated fatty acids sources in the transition period and early lactation.
Gustavo D. Calomeni
Embryo production and oocyte quality of dairy cows fed saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in transition period and early lactation.
Gustavo D. Calomeni
Effect of supplemental OmniGen AF and either a negative or positive DCAD prepartum on intake and blood and urine metabolites from dry off though 10 week postpartum.
J. K. Bernard
Characterization of ingredient loading accuracy on commercial dairy farms in North America and Europe feeding total mixed rations.
Michael C. Barry
Effects of hydroxy versus sulfate forms of trace minerals in milk replacer or starter on dairy calves through weaning.
Paul A. LaPierre
Effects of different forage supplement patterns on the growth of Holstein calves.
Zhijun Cao
Effects of acidified and pasteurized waste milk on calf diarrhea occurrence.
J. Y. Ma
Investigating the impact of dietary changes on rumen microbial community during the transition period in Holstein dairy cows using high-throughput sequencing.
Ousama Al Zahal
Metabolic profile and onset of puberty in dairy heifers fed reduced-fat distillers grains in replacement of forage.
Angela K. Manthey
Gastrointestinal tract of healthy 1-week-old Jersey calves is well suited to digest, absorb, and incorporate nutrients into lean tissue even when fed a high plane of milk replacer.
Yu Liang
Effects of glucose and propionate infusions on milk fat yield: A meta-analysis.
Sarah E. Schmidt
~~Effect of the starch level in diets with soybean or canola meal on the performance of lactating dairy cows.
Juan I. Sanchez-Durte
The effect of the supplementation of virginiamycin plus monensin on milk performance under grazing conditions in dairy cattle.
Alejandro Relling
Undegradable aNDFom in non-forage feeds.
Alessandro Maria Zontini
Effect of two fat supplements differing in saturation on milk production and energy partitioning.
Enhong Liu
Nutrient intake and blood parameters of dairy cows fed sugarcane in different ways of storage.
Viviane B. Ferrari
The effect of increasing concentrations of dl-methionine and HMB on hepatic genes controlling methionine and glucose metabolism.
Dean A. Bowen
aNDFom degradation behavior in nonforage feeds.
Alessandro Maria Zontini
Can potential digestible fiber affect dietary crude protein level in lactating dairy cows? Milk production and feeding behavior.
H. R. Mirzaei Alamouti
Effects of prill size of a palmitic acid-enriched fat supplement on yield of milk and milk components and nutrient digestibility of dairy cows.
Jonas De Souza
Changes in dairy cattle performance due to addition of a live yeast product.
Heidi A. Rossow
Effects of feeding frequency and adding plant oil to diet on performance and feeding behavior of lactating Holstein dairy cows.
H. R. Mirzaei Alamouti
Effect of feeding hay during the nursery phase of calf rearing.
F. Xavier Suarez-Mena
Effects of non-fiber carbohydrate level in low energy diets on production and health responses in peripartum Holstein cows.
H. R. Mirzaei Alamouti
Increase in total solids of whole milk and its effects on development of dairy calves.
Rafael Alves de Azevedo
Increase in total solids of whole milk and its effects on development in postweaning calves.
Rafael Alves de Azevedo
Effect of dietary starch content on the occurrence of subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and inflammation in fresh dairy cows.
Sarah E. Williams
Physical and enzymatic hydrolysis characteristics of ruminal protozoal glycogen.
Mary Beth Hall
The determination of the concentrations of isoforms of vitamin E in tissues, milk and blood via HPLC after short-term feeding in dairy cows.
Y. Qu
Total replacement with organic minerals regulates endometrial gene expression patterns that improve reproductive performance status in dairy heifers.
Daniel E. Graugnard
Comparative bioavailability of lysine in three commercial rumen-protected lysine products using the in vivo plasma lysine response method.
Catherine S. Ballard
Plane of milk replacer nutrition influences the resistance to an oral Citrobacter freundii opportunistic infection in Jersey calves at 10 days of age.
Yu Liang
Pre-weaning calf responses to lysine: I. Development and evaluation of functions explaining nitrogen retention responses to dietary lysine and body weight.
Juan J. Castro Marquez
Saliva sodium, potassium, and phosphorus concentrations of post-peak lactating Holstein cows are not affected by dietary fiber or protein content.
J. A. D. R. N. Appuhamy
Do the viability and dose of Saccharomyces cerevisiae affect the digestibility, ruminal fermentation, and performance of lactating dairy cattle?
Y. Jiang
Pre-weaning calf responses to lysine: II. Sensitivity and optimization of nitrogen retention responses to dietary lysine and body weight.
Robin R. White
Effects of corn treated with foliar fungicide at various times of application on in situ ruminal digestibility of corn silage in Holstein cows.
Katie J. Haerr
A multivariate mixed effects model to estimate the energetic efficiencies of synthesizing milk components.
Luis E. Moraes
Effects of feeding slow-release NPN and microbial fermentation extracts on ruminal pH, ammonia and volatile fatty acids.
Fernando Díaz-Royón
Relationship between total-tract starch digestibility and fecal starch content in dairy cows.
Marcos N. Pereira
Relationship between milk urea nitrogen and milk protein ratio with dietary and non-dietary variables in commercial dairy herds.
Liliana Fadul-Pacheco
Effects of corn treated with foliar fungicide at various times of applications on milk production of Holstein cows.
Katie J. Haerr
Increased plasma NEFA lowers the ratio of sphingomyelin to ceramide in Holstein cows.
Joseph W. McFadden
Effects of clay (EcoMix) after an aflatoxin challenge on milk production and blood metabolism of Holstein cows.
Saige A. Sulzberger
Discrepancies in milk urea nitrogen analysis among milk processing laboratories in Pennsylvania.
Holley L. Weeks
Plasma long-chain acylcarnitines are elevated in overweight dairy cows experiencing greater lipolysis and insulin resistance during late pregnancy.
J. Eduardo Rico
Effects of the dose and viability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast on the diversity of ruminal microbes as analyzed by Illumina MiSeq sequencing and qPCR.
Y. Jiang
Effects of direct-fed Bacillus pumilus 8G-134 during the transition period on health of Holstein cows.
Felipe C. Cardoso
Bacterial communities in rumen fluid from lactating Holstein cows from Washington dairies.
Elizabeth D. Benda
Effects cobalt source on rate and extent of DM and NDF degradation in vitro.
Claudio F. Vargas-Rodriguez
Effects of long-term omega 6 fatty acid supplementation on blood metabolites of Holstein cows during transition period and early lactation.
Rodrigo Gardinal
Organic trace minerals during the transition period: 1. Supplementing Zn, Mn and Cu from AvailaMins and Co from CoPro improves postpartal performance of dairy cows.
J. S. Osorio
Evolution of milk freezing point depression during the year in Holstein and Normande dairy cows.
Catherine Hurtaud
Influence of calcified seaweed supplementation on rumen pH, digestive efficiency, and health in lactating dairy cows fed an acidosis inducing diet.
B. P. Molloy
Evaluation of an on-farm tool to estimate physically effective neutral detergent fiber of forages and total mixed rations.
Sarah E. Schuling
The effects of choice feeding during preweaning period on preweaning and postweaning growth performance of dairy calves.
Murat Gorgulu
Effects of day of gestation and feeding regimen in Holstein × Gyr cows on apparent total-tract digestibility, nitrogen balance, and fat deposition.
Polyana P. Rotta
Effects of day of gestation and feeding regimen in Holstein × Gyr cows on maternal and fetal visceral organ mass.
Polyana P. Rotta
Dietary supplementation of palm- versus high-linoleic safflower oil to mid-lactating Holstein cows: Intake and milk fat yield.
Francisco E. Contreras-Govea
Short- and medium-term changes in glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity of dairy calves offered different amounts of milk replacer early in life.
Alex Bach
Energy expenditure in crossbred (Holstein x Gyr) calves differing in phenotypic residual feed intake.
Juliana Mergh Leão
The effect of different energy and nitrogen sources on in vitro fiber digestion of high and low quality roughages.
Christian W. Cruywagen
Milk fatty acid profile of dairy cows fed omega 3 and 6 fatty acid sources during transition period and early lactation.
Caio Seiti Takiya
The effect of feeding nucleotides on milk production, reproductive performance and immunity in lactating Holstein dairy cows.
Elisabet Borda
Evaluation of a proprietary blend of essential oil and cobalt on a commercial dairy.
Olivia Kuester
Evaluation of rumen undegradable protein sources on lactational performance of Holstein dairy cows.
Shane M. Fredin
Evaluation of industry growth chart equations from birth until first calving of Holstein heifers fed a high plane of nutrition.
Marie E. Iwaniuk
Milk urea nitrogen as a predictor of urinary nitrogen excretion in late lactation dairy cows fed four levels of dietary crude protein.
Tiago Barros
Phosphorous excretion and digestibility in Jersey and Holstein consuming corn milling co-products.
Gabriel Garcia Gomez
Relationship between protein molecular structure and protein metabolic characteristics of co-products from bio-oil processing (rapeseed meal, canola meal and soybean meal) in dairy cattle.
Xinxin Li
The effect of decreasing dietary cation-anion difference in the prepartum diet on dry matter intake, milk production and milk composition in multiparous Holstein cows.
B. M. Sweeney
Effect of Bacillus pumilus on performance of primiparous dairy cows fed low or high starch diets.
D. N. Lobão da Silva
Balancing dairy cattle diets for methionine or all essential amino acids relative to energy at negative and adequate levels of rumen nitrogen.
Michael E. Van Amburgh