Ruminant Nutrition: General III

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Effect of heat-treated field beans (Vicia faba) on lactation performance of dairy cows.
Mohammad Ramin
Pre- and post-weaning performance of dairy calves fed a milk-wheat-plasma protein milk replacer.
Steve Younker
Effects of ruminal dosing of dairy cows with Megasphaera elsdenii on milk fat depression and strain persistence.
Paul J. Weimer
Effects of Cerrado plant extracts on in vitro rumen microbial fermentation in high inclusion concentrate diets.
Flavia Martins de Souza
Effect of fibrolytic and aminolytic enzymes in ruminal metabolism and methane production in cattle.
Ricardo Galbiatti Sandoval Nogueira
Effects of diets containing glycerin, derived from biodiesel production, on instrumental meat quality characteristics of lambs.
Rebeca D. X. Ribeiro
Effects of salinomycin and virginiamycin supplementation on ruminal microbial population in Nellore steers fed a high concentrate diet.
Amoracyr J. C. Nuñez
Productive performance of lambs fed diets containing glycerin from biodiesel production.
Ronaldo L. Oliveira
Ruminal hydrogen sulfide concentrations on low-quality grass hay by lambs drinking saline water.
Agustín López
Effects of Cerrado plant oils on in vitro rumen microbial fermentation in high inclusion concentrate diets.
Flavia Martins de Souza
Effects of the combined use of virginiamycin and salinomycin on ruminal microbial population in Nellore steers fed diets with two concentrate levels.
Amoracyr J. C. Nuñez
Ruminal fermentation of dairy cows supplemented with crude glycerin.
Pablo G. Paiva
Dry matter intake and nutrient digestibility of dairy cows supplemented with crude glycerin.
Pablo G. Paiva
Nitrogen utilization of Nellore bulls supplemented with energy sources associated crude glycerin on finishing phase.
Antônio José Neto
In vitro production of gas in diets containing different levels of ethanolic extract of propolis.
Sandra M. Yamamoto
Influences of SmartCare in milk replacer and XPC in calf starter on the performance and health of pre-weaning Holstein calves challenged orally with an opportunistic infection with Citrobacter freundii.
Tyler L. Harris
Effect of adding Enterococcus faecalis on in vitro ruminal fermentation profiles.
Sang Suk Lee
Acetohydroxamic acid did not influenced ruminal microbiota but altered urea metabolism.
D. P. Bu
Effect of interaction of cereal and forage on rumen fermentation characteristics in the diet of cattle.
Z. B. Yang
Effect of dietary energy source and level on nutrient digestibility, rumen microbial protein synthesis, and milk performance in lactating dairy cows.
D. P. Bu
Physico-molecular structures and metabolic characteristics of protein in brown and yellow flaxseed with altered nutrient traits for dairy cattle.
Peiqiang Yu
Effect of rubber seed oil and flaxseed oil on milk performance, fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of milk fat.
D. P. Bu
Varying the degrees of synchrony of energy and nitrogen release in rumen affect the synthesis of microbial protein in continuous culture system.
D. P. Bu
Effects of wilting and additives on fermentation quality of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) silage.
D. P. Bu
Effect of choline inclusion on lamb performance and meat characteristics.
Hector Lee-Rangel
Effects of Yucca schidigera extract on Rumen Fermentation Parameters in vitro.
D. P. Bu
Influence of Indian odd fruit oil and combination with yucca saponin or rubber seed oil on in vitro rumen fermentation parameters.
D. P. Bu
Influence of rubber seed oil on in vitro rumen fermentation parameters, fatty acid composition and methane production.
D. P. Bu
Changes of the rumen microbial profiles as affected by urea and acetohydroxamic acid addition in vitro.
D. P. Bu
Milk production and composition responds to dietary neutral detergent fiber and starch ratio in dairy cows.
D. P. Bu
Evaluation of enhanced mineral block on in vitro rumen microbial fermentation.
Sang Suk Lee
Effects of cassava peel as a replacement for corn on nutrient digestibility and lactating performance of dairy cows.
Valdi de Lima Júnior
Creatinine excretion in Nelore heifers grazing during dry season.
Jarbas Miguel da Silva Junior
Influence of varying level of fibrolytic enzyme on nutritive value of oat grass silage in cannulated buffalo bulls.
Mahr Un Nisa
Adaptation of dairy cows to grazing after TMR feeding during early lactation: I. Effects on endocrine profile and hepatic expression of IGF system genes.
Ana L. Astessiano
Effects of feeding 3-nitrooxypropanol (NOP) on rumen microbial profiles in lactating dairy cows and beef cattle.
Mi Zhou
Effect of protein supplementation to low-quality forage diets on enteric methane production and ruminal microbial community structure of beef steers.
Adam L. Shreck
Effect of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae preparation on in vitro ruminal fermentation of four fibrous substrates.
María José Ranilla
Nutritional evaluation of corn wet feed in cannulated Nili-Ravi buffalo bulls.
M. Nisa
Effect of direct-fed microbial supplementation and different diets on performance and carcass characteristics in beef feedlot heifers.
Laura F. Prados
Effect of Econase on rumen fermentation patterns, diet digestibility and performance pre-and postpartum of primiparous dairy cows.
D. N. Lobão da Silva
Effect of supplementation of rumen-protected vitamins (choline, riboflavin, and folic acid) in heat-stressed dairy cows in northern Mexico (La Laguna Region).
Pedro A. Robles-Trillo
Effect of reducing dietary calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals on intake and performance of finishing Nellore bulls.
Laura F. Prados
Overfeeding energy alters visceral fat miRNA profiles in Holstein cow.
Khuram Shahzad
Microbial protein yield of Nellore bulls supplemented with protein sources associated with crude glycerin on finishing phase.
Antonio Jose Neto
Effects of supplemental protein sources associated with crude glycerin in Nellore bulls finished on pasture on apparent digestibility.
Antonio Jose Neto
Nutrient intake of Nellore bulls in tropical pasture supplemented with crude glycerin and different sources of protein.
Antonio Jose Neto
Protein molecular structure and nutritive value of yellow and black canola seed.
Ban Yajing
Effect of supplementation of two sources and two levels of copper on performance, copper status and ruminal fermentation in Nellore bulls.
Brenda Barcelos
Effects of dietary tannin extracts levels during a thirteen-week period on lactating cow performance and N use efficiency.
Matias J. Aguerre
Evaluation of inoculation method on rumen in vitro gas production kinetics.
F. O. Scarpino-van Cleef
In vitro evaluation of a treatment to flaxseed for reducing bio-hydrogenation of the n-3 fatty acid α-linolenic.
Scott L. Kronberg
Evaluation of botanical extracts supplemented or not with live yeast compared with monensin supplementation on rumen fermentation in lactating Jersey cows.
Bertrand Medina
Fertilization and dried distillers grains supplementation effects on performance and nitrogen recovery by stocker cattle grazing old world bluestem.
Phillip A. Gunter
Effect of altered nitrogen excretion by condensed tannin supplementation on steer energy losses.
Adam L. Shreck
Organ mass in pure and crossbred mature beef cows grazing different herbage allowances of grasslands.
Alberto Casal
Effect of cow parameters on enteric methane production in dairy cows: an individual variation approach.
Edward H. Cabezas-Garcia
Rumen fermentation responses to plant extracts rich in tannins.
Barbara J. M. Lemos
Carcass characteristics of Nellore beef cattle fed with whole corn diet.
Andrea M. Mobiglia
Effect of the use of virginiamycin and monensin sodium in high concentrate diet on carcass characteristics of beef cattle feedlot.
Fernando R. Camilo
Effect of supplementation with different levels and rates of protein degradation on performance of Nellore calves.
Gustavo Rezende Siqueira
Ruminal parameters of Nellore steers fed with high grain diet containing virginiamycin or monensin sodium.
Andrea M. Mobiglia
Characterization of the variation in linoleic acid (18:2) in corn silage and grain hybrids in test plots.
Michel Baldin
Performance of beef cattle fed with different levels of roughage in high whole grain diet during the adaptation period.
Fernando R. Camilo
Microalgae meal affects heifer performance and plasma fatty acids.
Justin E. Axman
Effect of concentrate supplementation on milk yield and fatty acid profile of crossbred dairy cows on tropical pasture.
Luis Corona
Composition and nutritive value of palm kernel meal for ruminants.
Christian H. Ponce
Effects of β-acid extract of hops on heifer performance and ruminal fermentation.
Justin E. Axman
Effect of a ruminal acidosis challenge on methane emission rate in lactating cows.
Matias J. Aguerre
Co-products (Micelio and Raffinate) from the corn processing industry for finishing cattle.
Murillo Alves Porto Meschiatti
The effect of heating temperature on ruminal protein digestion kinetics and estimated intestinal digestibility of canola meal.
Katarzyna Burakowska
Effects of postruminal AA supply and roughage removal on growth performance during growing phase of beef calves.
Mariana M. Masiero