Production, Management and the Environment III

Section: Production, Management and the Environment
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Technical and economic performance on beef cattle in the Livestock Low Carbon Integrated Project-ICV.
Fabiano Alvim Barbosa
Lactation and immune responses of lactating dairy cows vary with different environmental stressors.
Ricardo O. Rodrigues
A descriptive analysis of how dairy cows convert feed into food in the United States.
Juan M. Tricarico
Study of ethyl-2-nitropropionate, ethyl nitroacetate, nitroethane, and 2-nitroethanol as alternatives to reduce ruminal methane production.
Pedro A. Ochoa
Use of udder skin temperature as a heat stress indicator in lactating dairy cattle.
Kristen M. Perano
Maternal heat stress affects calf passive immunity: Effects on intestinal cell apoptosis.
Bahroz M. S. Ahmed
Methane emissions from Holstein cows in a tropical environment.
Camila S. Cunha
Effects of condensed tannin extract supplementation on beef cattle performance and nitrogen balance: I. Growing phase.
Landon G. Canterbury
Tannin extract supplementation on gas production in feces of receiving bull-calves.
Rubén Barajas
Composting of dairy manure and grape vine prunings as a tool to reduce both industries’ environmental impact.
Mario E. de Haro-Marti
Effect of floating islands on parlor wastewater multi-stage treatment system effectiveness.
Vinicius R. Moreira
Cross-species intake responses to temperature stress.
Robin R. White
Comparative feedlot response of Angus-cross and Brahman bull-calves to pen-shade under hot weather conditions.
Ruben Barajas
A multi-objective diet optimization to reduce land, water, and greenhouse gas emissions from US dairy production.
Robin R. White
Effect of temperature humidity index patterns on fertility, postpartum disease and culling risk in New York dairy farms.
Benjamin D. Scott
Methane and carbon dioxide emissions from manure of dairy cows fed regular or brown midrib corn silage-based diets.
Fadi Hassanat
Determination of climatologically suitable places in Turkey for feedlot cattle production by using comprehensive climate index model.
Hayati Koknaroglu
Methane prediction equations for beef cattle fed high forage diet.
Paul Escobar-Bahamondes
Mathematical models to predict phosphorus output in manure and milk from lactating dairy cows.
J. A. D. R.N. Appuhamy
Enteric methane mitigation and evaluation ruminal parameters of cattle fed cottonseed and vitamin E.
Ricardo Galbiatti Sandoval Nogueira
The effect of temperature, pH, total solids and type of shape of goat manure for biogas production.
Bruno Biagioli
Idle cattle, water buffalo, and swine consume 44% of global feed resources.
J. R. Knapp
Crop and grazing land requirements to meet consumer demand for animal products in 2050.
J. R. Knapp
Climatic factors associated with abortion occurrences in Japanese commercial pig herds.
Satomi Tani
Estimated feed and water requirements to meet global 2050 demand for animal proteins.
J. R. Knapp
Climatic factors associated with reproductive performance in English Berkshire pigs raised in a subtropical climate region of Japan.
Satomi Tani