Small Ruminant II

Section: Small Ruminant
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
Effects of short term inclusion of mixed fish and sunflower oils in finishing diet on carcass characteristics and performance of fat tailed Afshari lambs.
H. R. Mirzaei Alamouti
Growth, hepatic enzymes and carcass characteristics of lambs fed diets containing increasing levels of crude glycerin.
I. Susin
Effect of supplementation with dried citrus pulp, urea, and DDGS on reproductive performance of goats.
Hugo Bernal Barragan
Effect of feed restriction on protein metabolism of Saanen goats of different sexes.
Nhayandra C. D. Silva
Female goat kids change their energy metabolism when subjected to feed restriction.
Nhayandra C. D. Silva
Effects of restricted diet access on intake and performance by dairy goats in mid- to late lactation.
Nhayandra C. D. Silva
Effect of sodium monensin on rumen metabolism in lambs fed high-forage diets.
Mariana F. Westphalen
Either intramuscular or submucous vulvar administration of HCG positively affects the reproductive outcomes of anovulatory Alpine goats in Northern Mexico.
Karen Isabel Tapia-Robles
Performance of Santa Inês meat lambs receiving cactus pear (Nopalea cochenillifera) in substitution of Tifton hay with or without access of water.
Antonello Cannas
Influence of supplementing lamb with dried algae + live yeast product on growth and blood metabolites during summer.
Ekin Sucu
Net energy and protein requirements for growth of Moxotó goats grazing in the semiarid region of Brazil.
Marcos J. Araújo
Reproductive outcomes of anovulatory females exposed to males treated with either i.m. or s.c. testosterone.
Andrea González-Tavizón
Mineral requirements for growth and maintenance of F1 Boer × Saanen male kids.
Izabelle A. M. A. Teixeira
Analysing the diversity of five Spanish sheep breeds by combining massive genotyping and RNA-seq data.
Joaquim Casellas
Body condition as a reference for slaughter of feedlot lambs fed sunflower cake.
Jefferson Gandra
Performance of Santa Inês meat lambs receiving cactus pear (Opuntia ficus indica Mill) in substitution of forage with or without access of water.
Antonello Cannas
Effects of oral glycerol dosage on short duration transportation shrink in goats.
Amy L. Bax
Effects of breed and resistance classification of sire on progeny growth performance and response to artificial infection with Haemonchus contortus in a central performance test.
Yoko Tsukahara
Growth performance and resistance to internal parasitism of small ruminant males from the south-central US in a centralized test.
Yoko Tsukahara
The FecGE allele of the ovine GDF9 gene in the Pelibuey breed in México and its effects on prolificacy.
Felipe A. Rodríguez-Almeida
Methane concentration and degradation profile of broom sorghum based-diets for sheep.
M. Guerrero-Cervantes
Effect of timing of PGF administration in a short-term progesterone-based estrous synchronization protocol on fertility in ewes.
Callayn D. Paul
Method of zilpaterol hydrochloride supplementation on meat quality of feedlot lambs.
Horacio Davila-Ramos
Effect of weaning on rapid rebreeding in Katahdin ewes.
Erin N. Greenleaf
Effect of supplementation with propylene glycol and lactation period on energy metabolism of lactating ewes.
Simone Pedro da Silva
Crude glycerin added into low-starch diets improved fatty acid profile of lamb meat.
V. B. Carvalho
Detection of gene expression and location of receptors activated by the oral administration of lithium chloride for conditioned taste aversion in sheep.
Maristela Rovai
Conditioned taste aversion generalization by aroma in sheep.
Maristela Rovai
Microbial population and in vitro gas production of sheep fed diets with starch and neutral detergent-soluble fiber.
Josemir S. Gonçalves
Effects of replacement of soybean meal with handmade fish meal on productive performance of Pelibuey ewes and their suckling kids.
Jose L. Loya-Olguin
Ruminal kinetics on sheep fed diets with starch and neutral detergent-soluble fiber.
Josemir S. Gonçalves
Relationship between body condition score and body fat depots in Pelibuey ewes.
Alfonso Chay-Canul
The sexual behavior of male goats treated with exogenous testosterone is affected by the feeding level.
Ma de Santiago Miramontes
Pre-weaning and post-weaning growth performance of F1 intact male Kiko × Boer goat kids from does divided into high and low lines for parasite resistance—One year summary.
Kelsey L. Basinger
Effect of adding zeolite (clinoptilolite) on growth performance and carcass characteristics in hair lambs fed a finishing diet.
Beatriz Isabel Castro Perez
Indices of enzyme activities and atherogenicity of lamb meat fed high levels of crude glycerin.
R. F. Leite
Performance of lambs fed corn stalk silages plus pig excreta, poultry litter and urea, or cane molasses and bakery by-products.
Sergio S. González-Muñoz