Ruminant Nutrition: Beef III

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Effect of increasing levels of alfalfa hay on ruminal fermentation in growing Simmental heifers fed high-concentrate diets.
Ana Madruga
Protein requirements of Nellore and Angus young bulls.
Rafael A. Gomes
Intake and digestibility of Nellore steers fed different sources of forage in diets with crude glycerin in feedlot.
Antonio Jose Neto
Effect of glycerol supplementation and ambient temperature on growth and metabolic and immunological responses in Korean cattle steers.
Myunggi Baik
Comparison of fatty acid profiles and volatile compounds among quality grades and their association with carcass and sensory traits in loin and rump of Korean cattle steer.
Myunggi Baik
Effects of essential oils and exogenous enzymes on in vitro ruminal fermentation.
Juliano J. R. Fernandes
Effect of steam-flaking on in situ degradability and PDI values of maize, wheat and rice.
Fei Wang
Effects of conventional dietary adaptation over periods of 6, 9, 14, and 21 days on feedlot performance and carcass traits of Nellore cattle.
Danilo Domingues Millen
The effect of crude glycerin concentration on fiber digestion in beef calves.
Robert G. Bondurant
Effect of supplementing feedlot cattle with live Saccharomyces cerevisiae on feed intake and rumen parameters.
D. O. Sousa
Effect of adding virginiamycin in combination with different doses of monensin on feedlot performance.
Alejandro Relling
Evaluation of rumen microbiota in sugarcane silage based diet with different sources of nonfibrous carbohydrates.
D. O. Sousa
Effects of rotating antibiotic and ionophore feed additives on enteric methane and volatile fatty acid production of steers consuming a high forage diet.
Whitney Crossland
Flint corn processing methods and dietary concentrations of roughage NDF for finishing cattle: 1. Intake and digestibility of nutrients.
Flávio Augusto Portela Santos
Effect of excess MP supplementation from corn gluten meal or soybean meal on plasma amino acid concentrations of beef cows consuming low quality forage.
Taylor C. Geppert
Flint corn processing methods and dietary concentrations of roughage NDF for finishing cattle: 2. Rumen fermentation, N metabolism, and ingestive behavior.
Flávio Augusto Portela Santos
Carcass traits of Nellore cows finished in different times of high intake supplementation in pasture.
Flavio Dutra de Resende
Sugar cane straw replacing whole corn on growth and intake of feedlot finishing bulls.
Barbara J. M. Lemos
Impact of a molasses-based liquid feed supplement on the diet selection behavior and growth of fattening calves.
Trevor J. DeVries
Feedlot performance and carcass traits of Nellore and ½ Angus x Nellore cattle adapted either for 9 or 14 days.
Daniel Hideki Mariano Watanabe
Rumen morphometrics of Nellore and ½ Nellore x Angus cattle adapted either for 9 or 14 days to high-concentrate diets.
André Luiz Nagatani Rigueiro
Relationships of feedlot performance and rumen morphometrics of Nellore cattle differing in phenotypic residual feed intake.
Danilo Domingues Millen
Effects of crude glycerin on feed intake and apparent total-tract digestibility of finishing diets in crossbred heifers.
E. H. C. B. van Cleef
Impact of the nutritional plan in the growing phase on performance of Nellore cattle during the finishing phase.
Ivanna Moraes de Oliveira
Performance of grazing Nellore cattle finished with high-intake supplementation.
Flavio Dutra de Resende
Different supplementation strategies to grazing beef cattle in tropical conditions.
Henrique J. Fernandes
Effect of high-fiber concentrate diets on intake, performance, carcass traits and meat quality of feedlot Nellore heifers.
J. M. B. Ezequiel
Use of virginiamycin in Nellore cattle fed mineral supplement or protein supplement.
Gustavo Rezende Siqueira
Finishing strategies for grazing Nellore cattle in the wet season.
Gustavo Rezende Siqueira