Ruminant Nutrition: Beef II

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Effect of monensin inclusion on intake and digestion in Bos indicus and Bos taurus steers consuming bermudagrass hay.
Natasha L. Bell
Effect of rumen protected B vitamins supplementation during the receiving period on the productive performance of beef cattle.
Helene Leclerc
Effects of including virginiamycin in feedlot diets containing monensin under commercial conditions in Mexico.
Milton A. Gorocica-Buenfil
Growth performance of yellow cattle in southern China weaned at different ages.
C. Wang
Decreasing the frequency of energy supplementation to beef steers impairs growth and antibody production against bovine viral diarrhea virus 1b.
Luis F. Artioli
Pre and postpartum herbage allowances of grasslands affected productive and reproductive performances of primiparous beef cows.
Mariana Carriquiry
The effects of adding 3-nitrooxypropanol and monensin to a finishing diet on methane production using the rumen simulation technique (Rusitec).
A. Romero-Perez
Nutritional performance and metabolic characteristics of cattle fed tropical forage with nitrogen and starch supplementation.
Marcia de Oliveira Franco
Nutritional performance and metabolic characteristics of cattle fed low-quality tropical forage and supplemented with nitrogen associated with different starch proportions.
Marcia de Oliveira Franco
Effect of rumen protected carbohydrate supplementation on performance in feedlot finishing steers during heat stress.
Juan P. Russi
Partially replacing corn with glycerin increases total VFA, propionate, and ruminal NH3-N concentrations in finishing beef diets evaluated in a dual-flow continuous culture system.
Antonio Faciola
Herbage allowance of grasslands during calf fetal and early life: Effects on body weight and composition.
Mariana Carriquiry
Effects of a standardized blend of phytomolecules on performance of beef cattle in two distinct dietary contexts using multiple trial analysis method.
Christian Bruneau
Nutrient intake and productive performance of beef cattle fed diets containing soybean, corn, or sorghum silages.
Lilian Oliveira Rosa
Nutrient intake, total digestibility, ruminal pH, and ammonia concentration of beef cattle fed diets containing soybean, corn, or sorghum silages.
Lilian Oliveira Rosa
Enteric methane emissions in cattle fed diets containing sugar cane or corn silage.
Paloma de Melo Amaral
Effects of oscillating dietary crude protein on nutrient intake, digestibility, performance, and carcass traits of finishing crossbred bulls in feedlot.
Paloma de Melo Amaral
Identification and removal of outliers in feed databases for beef cattle.
Huyen Tran
Effects of energy and nitrogen supplementation of cheatgrass on ruminal fermentation using a dual-flow continuous culture system.
Lorrayny Galoro da Silva
Interactions between physical form of the feed and previous experience on concentrate spillage in Holstein calves.
Maria Devant
Effect of zinc amino acid complex on growth performance and carcass characteristics of finishing beef steers fed ractopamine hydrochloride.
M. E. Branine
Sources of nonfiber carbohydrate in sugarcane silage based diets.
Viviane B. Ferrari
Effects of starch content on in vitro ruminal fermentation of ground and dry-rolled barley grain.
Wenzhu Yang
Effect of sainfoin hay and pomegranate peel extracts on in vitro fermentation and protein degradation using the Rusitec technique.
Zhixiong He
Effects of starch content and processing method on in situ rumen digestibility of barley grain in beef heifers.
Wenzhu Yang
Effect of physical form of concentrate on performance, eating pattern, and behavior in Holstein bulls fed finishing high-concentrate diets.
Marçal Verdú
Carcass and sensory traits and free amino acid contents among quality grades in loin and rump of Korean cattle steer.
Myunggi Baik
Plasma creatinine concentration of beef heifers fed with different lipid sources and frequency supplementation.
Marcia Cristina A. Santana
Efficacy of supplying lasalocid sodium via a self-fed trace mineralized salt block supplement to growing beef calves grazing warm season grass.
Brandon Stewart