Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy II

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Dietary grain source and oil supplement: Milk fat synthesis and milk fatty acid profile of Holstein cows.
Shahryar Kargar
Effect of biotin and pantothenic acid supplementation on performance and concentration of avidin-binding substances (ABS) in lactating dairy cows.
Alston N. Brown
Assessment of in vitro ruminal fermentation characteristics of lactation dairy diets supplemented with slow-release urea using continuous cultures.
J.-S. Eun
Ruminal fermentation characteristics of lactation dairy diets with different forage-to-concentrate ratios without or with lipid extract algae in continuous cultures.
S. Y. Yang
In vitro ruminal metabolism of a lactation dairy diet supplemented with virgin coconut oil and pine bark extract in continuous cultures.
S. Y. Yang
Methane production from dairy cows fed regular or brown midrib corn silage.
Fadi Hassanat
Determination of in vivo and in situ bioavailability of a rumen-protected lysine product, AjiPro-L.
Makoto Miura
Handling characteristics of AjiPro-L in the practical use.
Makoto Miura
Effects of corn silage hybrids on metabolic parameters and lactational performance of transition dairy cows.
J.-S. Eun
Effects of thermal processed clay in nonmedicated rations in Japanese dairy farms.
Fang Chi
Associations of behavior and production in lactating dairy cows.
Trevor J. DeVries
Growth performance and sorting behavior of heifers offered diets with forage dilution.
Wayne Coblentz
Response of lactating cows to a blend of essential oils and pepper extract.
Marcos N. Pereira
Supplementation of herbage-based diets with corn meal or liquid molasses changes the milk fatty acids profile in grazing dairy cows.
A. F. Brito
Health, milk, milk components, milk quality and reproduction evaluated in Holstein cows fed OmniGen-AF from dry-off through 120 days in milk.
Amanda E. Holland
Supplementing lactating cow diets with long chain fats has minimal effects on total tract NDF digestibility: A quantitative review.
Kristina A. Weld
Sodium and potassium carbonates added to continuous cultures of ruminal microorganisms had similar effects on reducing biohydrogenation intermediates linked to milk fat depression.
Thomas Jenkins
Effects of starch content and fermentability, and culture pH on biohydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids and NDF digestibility in batch culture.
Yan Sun
The effect of replacing corn silage with sugarcane on milk yield and intake of lactating dairy cows: An analysis using CNCPS v6.5.
Edgar A. Collao-Saenz
Effect of dietary energy source and protein supply on dairy cow performance.
Lorraine Doepel
Effect of dietary energy source and protein supply on mammary amino acid metabolism of dairy cows.
Lorraine Doepel
Effect of supplemental level of Optigen on the milk performance and plasma biochemical indices of dairy goat.
Luo Jun
A sensory additive increases milk and protein responses to concentrate supplementation in grazing dairy cows.
F. Bargo
Effect of intensified milk feeding on immune status and hepatic energy metabolism of calves.
Christine T. Schäff
Effect of lactation stage and rate of increase of concentrate allowance on rumen adaptation in dairy cows.
Kasper Dieho
Breed and stage of lactation affect the content of bioactive fatty acids in milk.
Melissa L. Bainbridge
Rumen microbial protein outflow, and plasma amino acid levels, in early lactation multiparity Holstein cows on commercial California dairy farms.
Nadia Swanepoel
Evaluating different physical concentrate forms in preweaned calves.
Maria Devant
Fetal programming on dairy cows: Effect of dam’s parity and days in milk at conception on first-lactation milk yield in dairy cows.
Alejandro Relling
Transcriptome profile in cows resistant to milk fat depression.
Sergio Calsamiglia
Apparent synthesis of vitamin B6 and folates in the rumen of lactating dairy cows fed alfalfa or orchardgrass silages.
D. S. Castagnino
Noninvasive indicators to identify lactating dairy cows with the greater risk of subacute rumen acidosis.
Xiaosheng Gao
Effects of different dosages of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product on lactation performance of dairy cows under heat stress.
Wen Zhu
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on lactation performance, rumen fermentation and microbial communities in dairy cows fed a diet containing low quality forages.
Wen Zhu
Response of dairy cows to monensin on diets differing in starch content and source.
Marcos N. Pereira
Growth performance of dairy heifers fed reduced-fat distillers grains in replacement of forage in limit-fed rations.
Angela K. Manthey
Ruminal degradation and intestinal digestibility of camelina and carinata meal compared with other protein sources.
Rhea D. Lawrence
The decline in digestive efficiency of US dairy cows during the last 44 years.
Sarah B. Potts
Ruminal degradation and intestinal digestibility of microbially treated soybean meal and dried distillers grains compared with the original feeds.
Jill L. Anderson
Meta-analysis of feeding trials to estimate energy requirements of dairy cows under tropical conditions.
André S. Oliveira
Effect of a ration change from a TMR to a pasture-based ration on rumen bacteria in dairy cows.
Melanie Schären
Morphology change and expression of genes related to tight junctions, cytokines, proliferation and apoptosis in the rumen of lactating dairy cows fed corn stover or rice straw replacing alfalfa as forage source.
Bing Wang
Effect of a calcium oral bolus administered after calving on the metabolic parameters of dairy cows.
J. M. Béguin
Urea kinetics in dairy cows fed soybean meal (SBM), canola meal (CM), corn high protein dried distillers grains (HPDDG) or wheat dried distillers grains with solubles (WDDGS).
D. R. Ouellet
Determining bioavailability of Lys in rumen-protected Lys products using the plasma free AA dose-response technique.
Nancy L. Whitehouse
Blood ketone bodies incidence and concentration from intensively housed early-lactation dairy cows in Brazil.
Andre B. D. Pereira
Evaluation of camelina meal as a feedstuff for growing dairy heifers.
Rhea D. Lawrence
Evaluation of the incidence of subclinical ketosis for F1 Gir x Holstein lactating dairy cows supplemented with medium-chain fatty acids.
Andre B. D. Pereira
Milk production and composition of F1 Gir x Holstein lactating cows supplemented with medium-chain fatty acids during the periparturient period.
Andre B. D. Pereira
Effects of casein, glucose, and acetate infused into the abomasum of feed-restricted cows on milk and milk components yield.
Marina A. C. Danes
The effect of pelletized corn stover replacing alfalfa hay on lactation performance, blood parameters and rumen fermentation in mid-lactation dairy cows.
H. Z. Sun
Supplementation with artificial sweetener improves milk yield and composition and alters nutrient partitioning in lactating dairy cows.
Emma H. Wall
Effect of fish oil on transportation of fatty acids in plasma lipoproteins of lactating and nonlactating cows.
Einar Vargas-Bello-Pérez
Development and evaluation of predictive models of intake for crossbred Holstein-Zebu dairy cows.
V. L. Souza
Soil contamination in forages: Estimation and geographical distribution.
J. R. Knapp
Comparison of two methods to quantify free amino acids in cow plasma.
Nelson Lobos
Fecal starch and starch digestibility: An indirect interrelationship.
F. N. Owens
Starch and NDF digestibility by high-producing lactating cows: A field study.
F. N. Owens
Effects of diets with different energy levels on growth performance and rumen environment of heifer.
Yan Tu
Effect of tallow and soybean oil addition to calf starters fed to dairy calves from birth to four months of age on calf performance and digestion.
T. Mark Hill
Relationships between udder resistance and dietary levels of copper and zinc.
Juan Jose Mallo
Use of a fermented ammoniated condensed whey product in lactating dairy cattle.
John P. McNamara
Evaluating varying dietary protein and energy levels for economical productive performance of Nili-Ravi buffalo heifer calves.
Zeeshan Muhammad Iqbal
Trace mineral variation in dairy forages: Where are the hot spots?
J. R. Knapp
Evaluating carbon and oxygen flux variability and heat production in dairy cows using a portable automated gas quantification system.
Andre B. D. Pereira
Influence of a grape seed and grape marc meal extract (GSGME) on performance parameters, hepatic expression of pro-inflammatory and ER stress-related genes and antioxidant status in dairy cows.
Anne-Kathrin Blässe
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on dairy calf: I. Pre-weaning performance and post-weaning stress.
G. M. Alugongo
Fibrolytic enzyme and corn silage differing in particle size for lactating dairy cows.
Gilson S. Dias Júnior
Meta-analysis to examine the effect of supplemental sugar on dairy cow performance as influenced by diet nutrient components.
Stephen M. Emanuele
Pre- and post weaning performance and health of dairy calves fed milk replacers with plant and milk protein by-product sources balanced for selected amino acids.
Hugh Chester-Jones
The effect of biochemical fulvic acid (BFA) on heat stress and lactation performance in lactating cows.
Yifan Fan
Pre- and post-weaning performance and health of dairy calves fed all-milk protein milk replacers or partially replacing milk protein with plasma and plant proteins in varying combinations. .
Bruce Ziegler
Flow of microbial crude protein out of the rumen when dairy cattle are supplemented with 2-hydroxy-4-methylthio-butanoic acid (HMTBa).
D. Hostetler
Differences in microbial community structure associated with metabolizable protein and 2-hydroxy-4-methylthio-butanoic acid (HMTBa) supplementation when using in vitro and in vivo methods.
S. C. Fernando
The effect of long-day photoperiod on behavior of lactating dairy cows.
Kira Macmillan
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation products on dairy calf: II) rumen fermentation and gastrointestinal development.
Jianxin Xiao
Effects of exogenous C16:0 and C18 fatty acids (FA) on milk lipid metabolism in bovine mammary epithelial cells.
N. Dan
Does ruminal pH affect flow of N fractions in high-producing dairy cows?
Danilo Domingues Millen