Small Ruminant III

Section: Small Ruminant
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Effects of the level of fish oil in the diet on lamb performance, ruminal fermentation and leptin gene expression.
German Mendoza
Growth rates of females from a Romane sheep breed flock reared in rangelands and effects of an early or late first mating regime on their offspring.
Eliel González-García
Effects of maternal lines and mating systems on susceptibility to parasitism in a pasture-lambing, low-input production system.
Shuna A. Jones
GnRH at moment or 24 hours after hCG treatment upon reproductive outcomes in anestrous goats.
FG Veliz
Application of 40 mg progesterone prior to the ram effect induces estrus response and ovulatory activity in Dorper sheep.
LM Tejada
Evaluation of the use of hCG to promote the induction of reproductive activity in anovulatory Alpine goats.
Francisco G. Veliz
Effects of mixing two different tannin-containing diets to evaluate rumen fermentation and microbial population changes in goats.
D. Perkins
Reproductive efficiency of anovulatory goats through bucks treated with testosterone and (or) estrogenized females in northern México.
Gerardo Arellano-Rodríguez
Impact of adequate or reduced mineral supplementation on rumen function and growth in lambs.
Abrigail M. Temple
Tissue mineral deposition in growing lambs fed adequate or reduced levels of mineral supplements.
Gbenga A. Ayangbile
Nutrient digestibility in growing lambs fed adequate or reduced levels of mineral supplements.
Dan J. Schauff
Adipocyte differentiation-related protein promotes lipid accumulation in goat mammary epithelial cells.
Jun Luo
Activation of liver X receptor α and SREBP-1 promotes fatty acid synthesis in goat mammary epithelial cells.
Jun Luo
Evaluation of different doses of intramuscular progesterone to induce reproductive activity in anestrous goats.
Viridiana Contreras
Induction of sexual behavior in Dorper rams treated with glutamate and/or testosterone during the natural sexual resting season at 26°N.
Ma. Guadalupe Calderón-Leyva
Reproductive outcomes in nulliparous ewes exposed to dorper rams treated with glutamate and/or testosterone during increased photoperiods.
Rafael Rodriguez-Martinez
Quality parameters of goat meat as influenced by dietary condensed tannins from pine bark.
Jolethia O. Jones
Fatty acid composition of different fat depots from hair and wool x hair sheep supplemented with soy hull on pasture.
Jung Hoon Lee
Relationship among somatic measurements, body condition score, live weight and internal fat depots in Sarda ewes and Saanen goats in early lactation.
Antonello Cannas
Assessment of RNA stability within six ovine tissues postmortem.
Tommy M. Boland
A meta-analysis of net protein and energy requirements for growth of dairy goats.
Anaiane Souza
Effect of selenium supplementation on reproductive activity of Saanen bucks.
Khoboso C. Lehloenya
Fatty acid profile of the meat of goats fed diets with soybean meals substituted with peanut cake.
Thadeu M. Silva
Digestibility of nutrients in rams diets feed with fruit residue.
Darcilene Maria Figueiredo
Nitrogen balance in sheep fed with fruit residue.
Darcilene Maria Figueiredo
Ruminal parameters of sheep fed with fruit residue.
Darcilene Maria Figueiredo
Effects of increasing dried distillers grains with solubles on intake, digestibility, blood and rumen metabolites of sheep consuming bermudagrass or eastern gamagrass hay.
Brou Kouakou
Performance and feed efficiency of feedlot lambs fed different sources of non-protein nitrogen and carbohydrate.
Américo F. Garcez Neto
The use of Chambourcin grape extract as a natural anthelmintic in goat kids.
Kimberly A. Cash
Urushiol is not detected in blood or milk of Saanen dairy goats fed poison oak.
Massimo Bionaz
Performance and carcass parameters of lambs fed high grain diets with different fiber contents.
T. Brochado
Sheep performance under grazing supplemented with lime-hydrolyzed feather meal as a source of protein in their diet during the dry season in Mexico’s Central Highlands.
Francisca Avilés Nova
Replacing corn with different levels of passion fruit by-product and its effects on feed intake, performance and digestibility in crossbred feedlot lambs.
Josemir S. Gonçalves
Effects of the utilization of increasing doses of aromatic plants on ruminal metabolism in Sarda dairy lactating ewes.
Antonello Cannas
Effect of crude glycerin on in situ dry matter and neutral detergent fiber degradability in sheep.
E. H. C. B. van Cleef
Effect of increasing concentration of babassu meal in diets for feedlot crossbred lambs on apparent total-tract digestibility of dry matter and nutrients.
J. M. B. Ezequiel