Ruminant Nutrition: General II

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Effects of prophylactic subcutaneous calcium treatment at calving on macro mineral status and health in Holstein cows.
Noelia Silva del Rio
Effect of time of gestation on fatty acid transporter and receptor mRNA concentration in bovine placenta.
Alejandro Relling
Ensiling carinata meal with forages to decrease glucosinolate concentrations.
Karla Rodriguez-Hernandez
Double-layered S/O/W emulsions as rumen delivery system for potential site-selective delivery of lysine in cows.
Qixin Zhong
Effects of dietary n-6 and n-3 fatty acid sources on intake, digestibility, rumen microbes and fatty acid profile in sheep.
Sam Churl Kim
Approaches to confidence intervals for the energy requirements of beef cattle.
Hugo Colombarolli Bonfá
Predicting ruminal methane inhibition by condensed tannins using nonlinear exponential decay regression analysis.
Mozart A. Fonseca
Effect of lipid sources with different fatty acid profiles on intake and nutrient digestion of feedlot Nellore steers.
Juliana Duarte Messana
Experimental design and data-reporting needs to help support the advancement of nutrition research and nutrient requirement models.
Robin R. White
Oxygen uptake by splanchnic tissues of sheep infused with different N compounds into the mesenteric vein.
Gilberto V. Kozloski
Net flux of metabolites by liver of sheep infused with different N compounds into the mesenteric vein.
Gilberto V. Kozloski
Evaluation of dairy and beef farm greenhouse gas emissions in different areas of Spain.
Sergio Calsamiglia
Detect the association of protein structures to protein nutrient utilization and availability of co-products from bio-fuel and bio-brewing processing.
Peiqiang Yu
Effects of essential oils from wormwood hybrids on in vitro digestibility, microbial diversity and rumen fermentation of bermudagrass hay and soybean meal .
Seong Shin Lee
Dry matter intake and feeding behavior of cattle fed cottonseed and vitamin E.
Ricardo Galbiatti Sandoval Nogueira
In situ degradability, rumen bacteria population, and in vitro gas production in cannulated steers fed diets with and without HMTBa.
H. A. Tucker
Effect of sustained-release mineral dietetic feed bolus on plasma trace minerals status in grazing heifers.
J. M. Beguin
Crambe meal (Crambe abyssinca) inclusion in feed of Santa Inês crossbred lambs on blood serum urea.
Darcilene Maria Figueiredo
Crambe meal (Crambe abyssinica) inclusion in food of Santa Inês crossbred lambs on urea nitrogen.
Darcilene Maria Figueiredo
Induction of subacute ruminal acidosis affects gene expression in rumen epithelial tissue.
J. C. McCann
Effects of monensin and essential oils from some Nigerian spices on methane production and ruminal fermentation in vitro.
Ibukun M. Ogunade
Effect of heating method on alteration of protein molecular structure in flaxseed: Relationship with changes in protein subfraction profile and digestion in dairy cows.
Peiqiang Yu
Investigation of protein digestion kinetics in vitro using 15N-labeled timothy and red clover.
Merko Vaga
Effects of yam (Dioscorea opposite) supplementation on in vitro digestibility and rumen fermentation characteristics of ground corn and perennial ryegrass.
Jin Yeon Park
In vitro study of yeast cell-wall β-glucans behavior in ruminal fluid.
Corine Bayourthe
Effect of different sources of glycerol on in vitro fermentation parameters of corn silage.
E. H. C. B. van Cleef
Quality evaluation of corn silage prepared with microbial inoculants.
Luiz Keller
Utilization of equations to predict carbohydrate fractions in some tropical grasses.
Romualdo S. Fukushima
Analysis of microbial populations in Rusitec fermenters fed diets of variable composition.
Maria Jose Ranilla
Influence of inoculum preparation method on in vitro methane production by ruminal microorganisms.
Maria Jose Ranilla
Microbial rDNA sequences as markers to determine microbial synthesis in Rusitec fermenters: A comparison with 15N.
Maria Jose Ranilla
Comparison of Roche 454 and Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine sequencing on the rumen bacterial profiles of dairy cows.
Nagaraju Indugu
Effect of chitosan in dairy cows diets on ruminal fermentation and milk yield and composition.
Pablo Gomes de Paiva
Method to measure production of volatile fatty acids and gases in vitro.
Latisha M. Judd
A rapid mold and yeast enumeration technique is comparable to a conventional technique for animal feedstuffs.
Lauren Meyer
Comparison of acetyl bromide lignin with acid detergent lignin and relationship with in vitro forage degradability.
Romualdo S. Fukushima
What roles do viruses play in the rumen?
Samodha Fernando