Ruminant Nutrition: Beef I

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Effect of narasin in mineral mix to Nellore heifers fed with high forage.
Renan G. Silva
Ruminal microbiology of Nellore steers fed different sources of forage in diets with crude glycerin in feedlot.
Telma T. Berchielli
Performance of young Nellore bulls during the dry season with two supplements.
Marcella de Toledo Piza Roth
Transcriptional profiles of adipose tissue from finishing beef steers fed diets supplemented with Aspergillus oryzae.
Kristen M. Brennan
Earlage: Yield, harvest timing, composition, and in situ digestibility.
F. N. Owens
Effect of prenatal trace mineral source on neonatal and growing calf mineral status.
Deborah M. Price
Effects of feeding a complete pelleted feed consisting of treated corn stover and distillers byproducts on total tract digestion and performance of growing cattle.
Jana L. Harding
Additives in supplements to fed Nellore young bulls in pasture.
Josiane Fonseca Lage
Relationship between infrared thermography and heat production in young bulls.
Rafael A. Gomes
Intake, digestibility and rumen fermentation in beef cattle fed warm-season legume (Stylosanthes ‘Campo Gande’) silage with two dietary protein levels.
Odilon G. Pereira
Performance of Nellore bulls supplemented with energy sources associated crude glycerin on finishing phase.
Antonio Jose Neto
Ruminal health of feedlot beef cattle fed with crude glycerin during adaptation period or finishing time.
Josimari Regina Paschoaloto
Feeding behavior of feedlot beef cattle fed with high level of crude glycerin with crude glycerin during adaptation period or finishing time.
Josimari Regina Paschoaloto
Supplementary levels of Macleaya cordata plant extract Sangrovit-RS on feedlot performance and carcass traits of finishing bullocks.
Rubén Barajas
Energy requirements of Nellore and Angus young bulls.
Rafael A. Gomes
Influence of particle size of sugar cane and concentrate level on intake and digestibility of nutrients, and rumen fermentation in crossbred steers.
T. C. da Silva
Supplementation with a DHA-rich microalgae alters muscle gene expression profiles in finishing beef heifers.
Kristen M. Brennan
Influence of a tannins extract preparation supplementation level on the feedlot performance of feedlot bullocks.
Rubén Barajas
Effect of monensin withdrawal on intake and digestion in Bos indicus and Bos taurus steers consuming bermudagrass hay.
Natasha L. Bell
The influence of pellet size and a pellet binder on rumen fermentation and total tract digestibility in beef heifer.
Katie M. Wood
Effect of monensin concentration on rumen pH, short-chain fatty acid absorption, total-tract digestibility, and barrier function in beef heifers.
Katie M. Wood
Effects of essential oils and exogenous enzymes on in vitro rumen fermentation kinetics.
João Ricardo Rebouças Dórea
Effects of essential oils and exogenous enzymes for finishing Nellore cattle in feedlot during the adaptation period.
Tiago Sabella Acedo
Shifts in rumen microbiota in response to inoculation with Propionibacterium acidipropionici strain P169.
Elnaz Azad
A comparative assessment of dried distillers grain, ionophore, bambermycin, saponin, and condensed tannin for methane emission abatement in beef cattle.
M. A. Fonseca
Effect of dietary supplementation of β-mannanase in Hanwoo growing heifers.
Jeongsoo Park
Calculating residual feed intake using high-frequency partial body weights.
Ann Kenny
Effect of different supplementation strategies on grazing and ingestive behavior in cattle finished on pasture.
Gustavo Rezende Siqueira