Forages and Pastures: Silages and forages in dairy production systems

Section: Forages and Pastures
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Cool season grass-legume mixtures in north-central Florida.
Erick R. S. Santos
Length of ensiling effects on fermentation characteristics, DM recovery and aerobic stability of corn Shredlage.
Luis C. Solórzano
Fermentation of frozen whole-plant corn silage after defrosting.
Luiz F. Ferraretto
Length of ensiling effects on starch characteristics of corn Shredlage.
Luis C. Solórzano
Relationship between corn silage processing score and kernel fraction geometric mean particle size in whole-plant corn silage.
Luiz F. Ferraretto
The effects of different silo plastics on the fermentation, aerobic stability, and dry matter recovery of corn silage.
Michelle Windle
Length of ensiling effects on nutritional characteristics and in vitro NDF digestibility of corn Shredlage.
Luis C. Solórzano
Ensiling practices of corn on California dairies.
Jennifer M. Heguy
Investigation into the accuracy of a commercially available activity meter for measuring grazing duration.
Emer Kennedy
Forage quality of two different pasture systems incorporating warm and cool season forages for grazing organic dairy cattle.
Kathryn E. Ruh
Effect of starchy or fibrous carbohydrate supplementation of an herbage diet on ruminal fermentation and methane output in continuous culture.
Kathy J. Soder
Heifer growth performance from fall-oat pastures.
Wayne K. Coblentz
Fertilization of fall-grown oat with dairy slurry or urea.
Wayne Coblentz
Effect of different ruminal incubation orders on in situ degradability of maize silage and alfalfa haylage in lactating dairy cows.
Shuangzhao Dong
Productive performance and morphological composition of two genotypes of Brachiaria grazed by dairy calves in Mexico’s Central Highlands.
Francisca Avilés Nova
Effect of processing methods on in situ degradability of maize silage and alfalfa haylage in lactating dairy cows.
Yang Zou
Effectiveness of plastic underlays with or without oxygen barrier properties in maintaining corn silage quality.
Peter H. Robinson
Defining and measuring losses (shrink) from well-managed corn silage silos, and identifying stages in silo life where losses occur.
Peter H. Robinson
Effects of sealing time post-filling and sealing material on fermentation, nutritional quality, and organic matter loss of whole-plant corn ensiled in a drive-over pile.
Keith K. Bolsen