Dairy Foods: Microbiology

Section: Dairy Foods
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Lactobacillus plantarum L67 suppresses allergic inflammation.
Sooyeon Song
Metal-chelating and ACE-inhibitory activity of a milk fermented with bacteria isolated from double cream cheese of Chiapas, Mexico.
Claudia Y. Figueroa
Virulence and regulator gene expression in Bacillus spp. from ultrapasteurized organic milk.
Alyssa Grutsch
Sequencing and annotation of novel plasmids from Lactobacillus curvatus.
Craig Oberg
Comparative analysis of prebiotics on growth kinetics, fermentation, and antioxidant activity of probiotics.
Evelyn Puspitasari
Heat tolerance of Lactoccocus lactis with prior subjection to mild heat stress.
Ingrid Osorio
Effect of ultraviolet light exposure and mild heat shock on the salt tolerance of Lactococcus lactis.
Ernesto E. Gonzalez-Duran
Influence of osmotic adaptation and lactose deprivation on the salt tolerance of Lactococcus lactis.
Ernesto E. Gonzalez-Duran
Lactobacillus wasatchii WDC04 associated with late gas production in aged Cheddar cheese.
Michele Culumber
The effect of xenon pulsed-light technology on biofilm adhered to stainless steel surfaces.
Stephanie Jacquez
Slime production by Bacillus strains affects biofilm formation on dairy separation membranes.
Nuria Garcia-Fernandez
Identification of gram-negative bacteria in cooling tanks of dairy farms.
Magali Soares Santos Pozza
Can probiotic bacteria survive in a beverage made from “acid whey” from Greek yogurt?
Alexis Duferene
Evaluation of microbial quality of raw goat and ewe’s milk produced in Sabrata, Libya.
Marvin Moncada
Quantification of spoilage and contaminants bacteria in samples of raw milk.
Magali Pozza
The identification of lactic acid bacteria in the traditional Carpathian ewe’s cheese.
Orysysa Tsisaryk
Studies of microbiological parameters of cultured butter during storage.
Orysya Tsisaryk