Production, Management and the Environment II

Section: Production, Management and the Environment
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Influence of egg holding time on hatchability of Hubbard broiler eggs.
Modupe Orunmuyi
Performance of dual-purpose cows supplemented with two sources of energy in subtropical conditions.
Benito Albarran-Portillo
Evaluation of the feedlot performance, carcass yield, and production costs of finishing beef cattle supplemented with β-agonists.
Gilberto Aranda-Osorio
Physiological responses in Santa Ines ewes submitted to stressful conditions of management.
Monalissa de Melo Stradiotto
Goal structure and reasons for selecting a goat enterprise by US meat goat producers.
Narayan P. Nyaupane
The production performance of egg layers in different rearing systems.
Bilgehan Yilmaz Dikmen
Effect of a single dose of injectable trace minerals on measurements of performance, innate and humoral immune responses of beef heifers.
Luana S. Caramalac
Pre-weaning injections of bovine somatotropin enhanced post-weaning growth performance and puberty attainment of beef heifers.
Luis F. A. Artioli
Modeling and simulation for beef cattle stocker-finishing systems analysis.
Julio Otavio Barcellos
Performance and profitability on beef cattle in intensive tropical pasture in Amazon biome.
Fabiano Alvim Barbosa
Carcass quality of grain-finished first-calf heifers.
Jose A. Arce
Occurrence of mycotoxins in corn samples collected in the United States in 2014.
Simone Schaumberger
Antibiotic resistance gene abundance in feces of calves fed pirlimycin-containing whole milk.
Tiffany Casteel
Endocrine profiles during early gestation are affected by breed: Suffolk versus Cheviot dams.
Ana Meikle
Gene expression in the kidneys of broilers fed dietary ochratoxin A for different time periods.
C. P. Zeferino
Maintenance energy requirements of gestating beef cows and effects on cow reproduction and performance of calves.
Brit H. Boehmer
Activation and deactivation of renal genes of chicken associated with induced ochratoxicosis at different exposure times.
C. P. Zeferino
Evaluation of models for predicting acidosis risk of barley grain in finishing beef cattle .
Wenzhu Yang
Influence of growth-promoting implants on endocrine factors and efficiency of replacement beef heifers.
Laura R. Meyer