ADSA Production Division Graduate Student Poster Competition, PhD

Section: Graduate Student Competition
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
Chair: Jeffrey Firkins, The Ohio State University
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
Effects of estrus number on milk yield and estrus expression in Holstein cows managed for extended lactation.
Charlotte Gaillard
Effects of canola meal as a source of rumen-undegraded protein on ruminal fermentation using a dual-flow continuous-culture system.
Eduardo Marostegan de Paula
Comparison of lying times of lame versus sound dairy cattle using a leg-based accelerometer.
Barbara A. Wadsworth
Survey of management of reproduction on Canadian dairy farms.
José Denis-Robichaud
Lactational performance of early lactation, high-producing dairy cows fed corn silage produced by different seed corn hybrids.
Ishwary Acharya
Nitrogen utilization and growth effects in Holstein dairy calves fed a moderately high protein or conventional milk replacer.
Colleen E. Chapman
Blood calcium changes after prophylactic subcutaneous treatment with calcium.
Cynthia L. Miltenburg
Quantification of select ruminal bacterial in Holstein bull calves treated with daily oral sodium bicarbonate.
Taylor T. Yohe
Cost of days open equations accounting for variable market and dairy herd conditions.
Karmella A. Dolecheck
Checks and balances: Evaluating reliability of dairy nutrient management data to better protect groundwater resources.
Christine Miller
Distribution of quarter-level SCC across the dry and early post-partum period.
Stephanie A. Metzger
Protein nutrient supply and feed milk value of two newly developed genotypes of transgenic alfalfa compared with nontransgenic alfalfa in dairy cattle.
Xinxin Li
Probiotic Enterococcus faecium increased the propionate and total volatile fatty acids on in vitro rumen fermentation.
Sang Suk Lee
Effects of replacing soybean meal with canola meal or treated canola meal on performance of lactating dairy cows.
E. M. Paula
Transport of a fluorescent analog of glucose (2-NBDG) by rumen bacteria.
Junyi Tao
Characteristics of dairy cows with a greater or lower risk of subacute rumen acidosis: Volatile fatty acid absorption, rumen digestion kinetics and consistency of the risk.
Xiaosheng Gao
Systems nutrition in dairy cattle: Integrating hepatic metabolomics and transcriptomics in late pregnancy to better understand postpartal ketosis.
Khuram Shahzad
Laboratory validation of a prototype cow-side instrument for the measurement of blood ionized calcium concentrations in dairy cattle.
Rafael C. Neves
Validation of a hand-held meter for measuring β-hydroxybutyrate in plasma and serum of dairy cows.
Arnulfo Pineda
Effects of feeding calcium hydroxide-treated corn stover on milk production and milk composition in lactating Holstein cows.
Brittany A. Casperson
Increased stocking density at the feed bunk may affect the welfare and productivity of dairy cows and growth of their heifer calves.
Jessica A. Pempek
Unraveling the mechanisms that regulate activation of β-defensin antimicrobial peptide responses in cattle.
Mercedes F. Kweh
Ellipsoid equation improves accuracy and efficiency of estimating protozoal volume.
Benjamin A. Wenner
Milk yield at dry-off and other factors affecting risk of intramammary infections at calving.
Paige N. Gott