Dairy Foods: Dairy products

Section: Dairy Foods
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory activity of whey proteins obtained from the manufacture of traditional Mexican cheeses.
Jose C. Rodriguez-Figueroa
The effect of partially hydrolyzed different milk species on xanthine oxidase activity of fetal enterocyte culture.
Hristina Kocic
Case study: Comparison of biologically active compounds in milk from organic and conventional dairy herds.
Diane L. Van Hekken
Evaluation of the effect of diets containing grape seed and linseed on milk fatty acid composition in Sarda sheep by principal component analysis.
Anna Nudda
Interaction between whey protein and inulin in model system.
Mingruo Guo
Characterizing the dissolution behavior of whey protein concentrate with an ultrasonic flaw detector.
Mary Hauser
Effect of pH and Ca-ion activity on the heat stability of reconstituted reduced Ca milk protein concentrate dispersions.
Anil Kommineni
Rennet coagulation and cold gelation properties of recombined highly concentrated micellar casein concentrate and cream.
Ying Lu
Formation of sodium caseinate-maltodextrin conjugates and the rheological properties of acid gels.
Shuwen Zhang
Edible packaging films from calcium-caseinate and citric pectin.
Laetitia M. Bonnaillie
Changes in volatile compounds in whey protein concentrate stored at elevated temperature and humidity.
Michael H. Tunick
Characterization of milk, soymilk, and almond milk through consumer affective and emotional responses.
Hayley L. Potts
Effect of storage temperature on physico-chemical and sensory attributes of ready-to-drink breakfast smoothie.
Dipakkumar Mehta
Physico-chemical profile and mineral content of yogurts and whey beverages available in the Brazilian market.
Renata Raices
Probiotic fermented milk with banana flour: Understanding the prebiotic effect.
Adriano Cruz
Probiotic yogurt with glucose oxidase: Performance with commercial products and potential advantages.
Marcia Silva
Physical characteristics of set-type probiotic yogurt produced from mixtures of cow and sheep milk.
Celso Fasura Balthazar
Physical characteristics of set-type yogurts produced using milk from different ruminants species.
Celso Fasura Balthazar
Fatty Acid Profile In Prebiotic Sheep Milk Yogurt.
Celso Fasura Balthazar
Acidity in sheep milk yogurt: The inulin effect.
Celso Fasura Balthazar
A clean label approach for manufacture of yogurts using tailored milk protein interactions.
Gopinathan H. Meletharayil
Application of computing technology in simulation of consumer acceptance of typical hard ice creams during storage
Maryam Bahram-Parvar
Evaluation of textural property changes in three types of low-fat goat milk ice creams during 8 weeks of frozen storage.
Krishna P. Bastola
Dulce de leche: Characterization by physicochemical and instrumental methods.
Renata Raices