Physiology and Endocrinology: Reproduction and estrous synchronization

Section: Physiology and Endocrinology
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 9:30 AM–12:30 PM
Location: Panzacola H-4
Chair: Alexandre Souza, Ceva Sa├║de Animal Brazil
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9:30 AM
#124 Characterization of endometrial immune cells adjustments along pregnancy in the cow.
Lilian J. Oliveira
9:45 AM
#125 Expression of nonclassical MHC-I isoforms is deregulated in cloned placenta.
Lilian J. Oliveira
10:00 AM
#126 Behavioral and hormonal pattern around estrus and the characteristics of preovulatory follicles of repeat breeder dairy cows.
Uzi Moallem
10:15 AM
#127 Effects of dry period length on onset of ovarian activity and ovarian cyclicity in the subsequent lactation.
Juncai Chen
10:30 AM
#128 Effect of extending the duration of the postpartum voluntary waiting period on reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows.
Matias L. Stangaferro
10:45 AM
#129 Cows under heat stress have increased uterine size, reduced circulating progesterone, and decreased fertility compared with cows in cooler conditions.
Giovanni M. Baez
11:00 AM
#130 Effect of heat stress during pregnancy on intact and adrenal de-medullated fetuses: Placental, fetal, and mammary development in ewes.
Antoni Macko
11:15 AM
#131 Timing of GnRH administration based on estrous response in beef heifers following administration of the 14-d CIDR-PG protocol with split-time AI.
Brianne E. Bishop
11:30 AM
#132 Timing of GnRH administration based on estrous response in beef cows following administration of the 7-d CO-Synch + CIDR protocol with split-time AI.
Brianne E. Bishop
11:45 AM
#133 Influence of estrus expression prior to fixed-time AI on embryo survival to maternal recognition of pregnancy.
Emmalee J. Northrop
12:00 PM
#134 Post insemination interventions: Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and progesterone on ovulation and conception rates in Nili-Ravi buffaloes.
Nasim Ahmad
12:15 PM
#135 Relationships between hair coat shedding and hair cortisol concentrations and age at first calving in crossbred beef heifers.
Rhonda C. Vann