Animal Health: Transition cow health

Section: Animal Health
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Tuesday 9:30 AM–12:30 PM
Location: Sebastian I-2
Chair: Tom Overton, Cornell University
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
9:30 AM
#354 Characterizing critical thresholds of subclinical ketosis using the in-line milk monitoring system Herd Navigator.
Elizabeth R. Ellis
9:45 AM
#355 Monitoring rumination in transition dairy cows for the early detection of subclinical ketosis.
Emily I. Kaufman
10:00 AM
#356 Use of a rumination and activity monitoring for the identification of dairy cows with health disorders.
Matias L. Stangaferro
10:15 AM
#357 Development of a ketosis prevalence tool in Holstein dairy cows based on milk component data and cow test-day information.
Tawny L. Chandler
10:30 AM
#358 Evaluation of recurrence of frequent diseases and disorders in early postpartum dairy cows.
Achilles Vieira-Neto
10:45 AM
#359 Early lactation disease incidence in Holstein cows across multiple US regions.
Pablo Pinedo
11:00 AM
#360 Association between dry matter intake pre- and postpartum and postpartum diseases in dairy cows.
Johanny Perez Baez
11:15 AM
#361 Laboratory validation of a prototype cow-side instrument for the measurement of blood ionized calcium concentrations in dairy cattle.
Rafael C. Neves
11:30 AM
#362 Assessment of daily activity patterns in lactating dairy cows diagnosed with metritis.
Santiago Bas
11:45 AM
#363 The effect of ketosis on milk production in early lactation.
Khaled Gohary
12:00 PM
#364 Estimating glucose requirements of an activated immune system in lactating Holstein cows.
Sara K. Stoakes
12:15 PM
#365 DNA methylation patterns in peripheral blood leukocytes as a marker of uterine function.
Caroline Walker