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# W133
Microbiological characteristics and mineral content of probiotic low sodium Minas cheese with added arginine.
Taissa Felicio1, Marcia Cristina1, Renata Raices1, Luciana Nogueira1, Adriano Cruz*1, 1Federal Institute of Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro (IFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The objective of the present study was to develop technology for the production of probiotic fresh Minas cheese with a reduced sodium content and the addition of arginine, and evaluate any changes in the quality parameters occurring throughout the shelf life. Gross composition and mineral content (moisture, protein, lipid, sodium, calcium and potassium). With the exception of the lipid content, differences were observed between the treatments during the storage period (P > 0.05) for all the parameters evaluated. Cheese QIII (50/50 NaCl/KCl reduction plus 1% w/w arginine) showed the highest moisture content (variation of 60 to 61.6% w/w, P < 0.05) and a progressive decrease in protein during storage (variation from 17.1 to 16.6% w/w, P < 0.05). With respect to the sodium and potassium levels, there was a progressive reduction in sodium in relation to the substitution level, that is, between the treatments, varying from 315 to 275 mg/100g (Qc, 100% NaCl) and from 193 to 215 mg/100g (QIII, 50/50 NaCl/KCl plus 1% arginine, P > 0.05). With respect to the calcium content, the addition of arginine resulted in a higher calcium content with an average value of 735.3 mg/100g (cheese QIII), whereas the value for the cheese containing only NaCl was 587.3 mg/100g (P < 0.05). Similarly, the concentration decreased throughout storage (variation from 591 to 566 mg/100g for cheese Qc with 100% NaCl, and from 744 to 660 mg/100g for QIII, with 50/50 NaCl/KCl added with arginine. The values observed were relevant and considerably lower than those reported on the labels of fresh Minas cheeses available on the Brazilian market, which show mean values of 437.4 mg/100g and in this context probiotic cheese with arginine seems an interesting option to functional cheese market.

Key Words: probiotic cheese, arginine, low sodium cheese