Horse Species

Section: Horse Species
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Velocity-related changes in stride variables of the intermediate gait of the Irish Draught horse of North America.
Molly Nicodemus
Influence of fibrolytic enzymes and yeast addition in horse’s diet on digestibility, blood chemistry and fecal coliform.
A. Z. M. Salem
Changes in salivary IgA and nasopharyngeal leukocyte populations in response to prolonged head elevation.
Jill M. Bobel
Utilization of the equine SNP 70 beadchip in monitoring inbreeding and describing the genetic background in an Arab horse herd.
Mohammed Al Abri
Evaluation of single nucleotide polymorphisms effects on injury predisposition in a population of multi-discipline athletically trained horses.
Matthew Garcia
Effect of oil supplementation on milk IgG, serum insulin, glucose, placental efficiency, and immune status of foals.
Lauren B. Hodge
Testis tissue explant culture supports the viability of equine spermatogonial stem cells.
Kyle C. Caires
Valerenic acid detection in equine urine after administration of calming supplement.
Celina M. Checura
Influence of α-linolenic acid supplementation in mature horses at maintenance: Body composition.
Jessica L. Leatherwood
In vitro evaluation of protein content on forage digestion using equine fecal inocula.
Tayler L. Hansen
Changes in plasma calcium and phosphorus concentrations in mares fed decreasing amounts of dietary Ca and P just prior to weaning.
Ashley L. Fowler
Relationship between training difficulty and aggression in horses.
M. J. Anderson
The occurrence of different mycotoxins (aflatoxins, fumonisins, zearalnenone, ochratoxin, deoxynivalenol, ergot alkaloids) in horse feed.
Nicole Reisinger
Effectiveness of a brewer’s yeast supplement with or without fat for performance horses.
Jeneva R. Seidl
Effectiveness of a brewer’s yeast supplement with or without fat for weanling horses.
J. Latham Brister