Breeding and Genetics: Applications and methodology in animal breeding - Dairy

Section: Breeding and Genetics
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Genetic and phenotypic trends for age at first calving and milk yield in daughters from imported and Thai Holstein sires.
Skorn Koonawootrittriron
Genomic-polygenic evaluation for milk yield and fat yield in a multibreed dairy cattle population in central Thailand.
Skorn Koonawootrittriron
Genomic evaluation, breed identification, and population structure of North American, English and Island Guernsey dairy cattle.
Tabatha A. Cooper
Genetic relationship between final score and production traits in Brazilian Holstein cattle.
Victor B. Pedrosa
Genetic trends in dairy production of Brazilian Holstein cow.
Victor B. Pedrosa
Association between genomic SNPs and dairy production traits in thai multibreed dairy cattle.
Skorn Koonawootrittriron
Accuracy of genomic prediction using principal component analysis on an imputed high -density SNP panel in Italian Holstein cattle.
Nicolo PP Macciotta
Estimation of genetic parameters for calving ease of Holstein cattle in Korea.
Kwang Hyeon Cho
Modeling for estimation of genetic parameters of milk production traits using random regression models in Korean Holstein cattle.
Tae Jeong Choi
Estimation of genetic trends and profitability of dairy herds using different reproductive and genetic culling strategies with a stochastic simulation model which includes multitrait genetics.
K. Kaniyamattam
Genetic parameters and trends for dairy traits in Holstein Friesian under North African conditions.
Mauricio A. Elzo
Genetic parameters for production traits and age at first calving in Gyr dairy cattle.
Marco Prata
Evaluation of genetic diversity of three indigenous Russian cattle breeds using whole-genome scanning.
Alexander A. Sermyagin
Exploring methodology for application of genomic information in South African dairy breeds.
Este Van Marle-Köster
Genetic parameters of fertility indicators in Holstein.
Dianelys Gonzalez-Pena
Selection signature analysis in Holstein cattle identified genes known to affect reproduction.
Yang Da
Genetic interactions for heat stress and herd yield level: predicting foreign genetic merit from domestic data.
Janice R. Wright
Application of milk mid-infrared (MIR) spectrometry in the dairy cattle industry in Canada.
Saranya Gunasegaram
Development of a daily stochastic dynamic dairy simulation model including the 12 traits in the Net Merit Index.
K. Kaniyamattam
Genetic correlations between days open and milk, fat, and protein yields for the Uruguayan Holstein.
Nicolas Frioni