Forages and Pastures: General forages and forage systems

Section: Forages and Pastures
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Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Chemical composition, digestibility and fermentation characteristics of sorghum ensiled with soybean crop residue.
Edgar A. Collao-Saenz
Effect of reduced lignin alfalfa on forage quality at three harvest intervals.
Zhiqiang Li
Characterization of novel polymers for alkaloid adsorption.
Manoj B. Kudupoje
Nutritive value and in vitro degradability of Marandu palisade grass at different locations within the pasture in silvopastoral systems with different babassu palm densities.
Sâmara Stainy Cardoso Sanchês
Effect of the cytokinin BAP on growth, senescence and in vitro degradation of Lolium perenne L.
Hilda A. Zavaleta-Mancera
Effect of supplementation strategy and forage quality on in vitro digestibility of Kentucky 31 tall fescue and Tifton 85 bermudagrass.
Jeferson M. Lourenço
Herbage accumulation of palisadegrass with variable heights in beginning of deferment period.
Manoel Eduardo Rozalino Santos
Balance between the emergence and mortality of tiller in Brachiaria brizantha under variable heights in winter.
Manoel Eduardo Rozalino Santos
Effects of exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on in vitro digestibility and gas and methane production of corn silage.
Vania R. Vasconcelos
Use of two natural antimicrobial additives in solid-state fermentation of apple bagasse.
J. L. Guevara-Valdez
In vitro fermentation and digestion characteristics of shrubs Crotton cortesianus and Leucophyllum frutescens browsed by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).
M. Guerero-Cervantes
Effect of lactic acid bacteria with bacteriocinogenic activity on the microbial populations and fermentation of alfalfa silage in tropical conditions.
O. G. Pereira
Effect of wilting and inoculant on microbial populations and fermentation profile of alfalfa silage in tropical conditions.
O. G. Pereira
Seeding rate affects performance of ball clover mixed with annual ryegrass in North Florida.
Hiran M. S. Silva
Effects of hybrid and inoculant application on chemical composition and fermentation indices of barley silage.
Dong Hyeon Kim
Comparison of in situ digestion of corn stover treated by two alkali methods to untreated corn stover and soyhulls.
Derek M. Donnelly
Effects of different source additive and wilt condition on the pH value, aerobic stability, and carbohydrate and protein fractions of alfalfa silage.
Qi-yu Diao
Yield and nutritive value for ruminants of organic winter cereals–bard vetch intercrops.
Marîa José Ranilla
Comparison of total tract neutral detergent fiber digestibility of different varieties of barley silage selected on the basis of in vitro NDF degradability.
Natalie G. Preston
Effect of reduced lignin alfalfa on forage quality at 3 harvest intervals.
Zhiqiang Li
Microbial counts, fermentation, and aerobic stability of oats with and without combo inoculant ensiled in vacuum bags and plastic bucket silos.
Juan J. Romero
Change in chemical and microbial composition during aerobic challenge of maize silage with and without L. buchneri inoculation.
Ida K. Hindrichsen
Biological N2 fixation and performance of cool-season legumes mixed with annual ryegrass.
Jose C. B. Dubeux
Rumen papillae size and blood serum enzymatic cofactors concentration of bulls fattened under two feeding systems at the Mexican dry tropic.
Carlos Rodríguez-Muela
Effect of kernel processor and theoretical length of cut on physical characteristics of forage corn harvested with one row harvester.
Gilson S. Dias Júnior
The relative effects of external factors on variability of in situ fiber digestion.
Fredric Owens
Characterizing corn silage in Brazil.
M. H. Ramos
Effect of light intensity and wavelength on concentration of antiherbivory compounds in Flourensia cernua leaves.
Rick E. Estell
In situ ruminal degradability of diets based on passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) flour substituting maize.
Adolfo Sánchez
Dry matter production of four Brachiaria grasses.
Marcos I. Marcondes
Forage yield of four maize cultivars sown in single and double rows.
Marco A. Ramírez
Effects of maturity at harvest on the nutritional value, yield and milk production potential of corn hybrids planted under tropical/subtropical conditions.
Kathy G. Arriola
Application of Pediococcus pentosaceus, Pichia anomala, and chitinase to high moisture alfalfa hay at baling: effects on ruminal digestibility.
Yuxi Wang
Malva sylvestris extract affected kinetics of fermentation, methane production, and protozoa population of barley grain incubated with rumen fluid.
Golnaz Taasoli
Effect of a protease enzyme (papain) on in vitro NDF digestibility of alfalfa hay stem.
Golnaz Taasoli
Effect of bacterial additives on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of rye silage harvested at dough stage.
Young Ho Joo
Fermentation quality and chemical composition of mixed silage with shrub and corn.
Bing-wen Si
Late season forage yield, quality, and digestibility from mixed cropping of organic certified corn and soybean hybrids at different seeding rates.
Ishwary Acharya
Climatic and management factors affecting the forage yield and quality of a high density mulberry forage bank established under low input tropical farming conditions.
Eliel González-García
Response to using rumen inoculum from high and low feed efficient cows on in vitro fermentation of alfalfa ensiled with different additives.
Francisco E. Contreras-Govea
Ruminal degradability of a Musa sp. fodder bank located in the central part of Costa Rica.
Pablo Chacón Hernández
Purple prairie clover (Dalea purpurea Vent) reduces fecal shedding of Escherichia coli in pastured cattle.
Yuxi Wang
Yield, chemical composition, and efficiency of use of nitrogen by Marandu grass.
Tadeu Silva de Oliveira
Effect of ensiling on kernel processing score in whole-plant corn silage harvested with varied processors and settings.
Luiz F. Ferraretto
Morphological responses and chemical composition of Tanzania grass subjected to two pasture-management strategies.
Alberto Magno Fernandes
How does the chemical additive calcium oxide affect the in vitro growth of lactic acid bacteria and yeast?
O. G. Pereira
Application of Pediococcus pentosaceus, Pichia anomala, and chitinase to high moisture alfalfa hay at baling: Effects on chemical composition and conservation characteristics.
Yuxi Wang
Nitrogenous compounds and fermentation characteristics of king grass-cassava tops silages.
Tyrone Clavero
Relationship between grinding energy and chemical composition and NDF digestibility in forages.
E. Raffrenato
The effect of a bacteria inoculant on fermentation and aerobic stability of a brown-midrib and conventional corn silage.
Zhenzhen Li
Nutritional evaluation of leaves, twigs, and fruits of Gmelina arborea as feed resource for ruminants.
Ronke Y. Aderinboye
Comparison of Ankom filter bag types for the determination of acid and neutral detergent fibers.
Brian T. Campbell
Effect of corn planting density on yield and nutritional quality of corn silage when planted after ryegrass harvested for silage.
Gonzalo Ferreira