Growth and Development I

Section: Growth and Development
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Exogenous estradiol decreases relative endometrial gene expression for ERα and ERβ in pre-pubertal dairy heifers.
Chelsee T.L. Holloway
Plane of nutrition affects muscle fiber hypertrophy and satellite cell activity in neonatal bull calves.
Jennifer S. Bradley
Effects of heat-treatment of colostrum on absorption and gut development in neonatal bull calves during the first 12 hours of life.
Thomas McFadden
Direct-fed microbial efficacy and milk plan: Effect on heifer growth in an automated feeding system.
Melissa C. Cornett
Anti-oxidative status and inflammatory response in neonatal calves fed quercetin with or without colostrum.
Harald M. Hammon
Effect of milk aroma flavor on starter consumption, growth, and feed conversion in female Holstein calves.
Shengli Li
Caloric restriction reduces protein accretion in skeletal muscle by attenuating IGF-I signaling in young calves.
Sally E. Johnson
Use of ultrasound for assessment of muscle area and depth in postmortem preweaned Holstein calves.
Jessica H. Davis
Increasing the metabolizable protein supply enhanced growth performance and humoral immune response of preconditioning beef steers.
Luis Felipe Arelaro
Characterization of key factors constraining lamb survival in marginal environments.
Francisco A. Sales