Nonruminant Nutrition: Enzymes & processing

Section: Nonruminant Nutrition
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 9:30 AM–12:15 PM
Location: Sebastian I-4
Chair: Joshua Jendza , BASF
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
9:30 AM
#113 Comparative efficacy of xylanases on energy and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs fed corn- or wheat-based diets.
Elijah Kiarie
9:45 AM
#114 Effects of supplemental xylanase on digesta viscosity, gut health, and growth performance of nursery pigs.
Hongyu Chen
10:00 AM
#115 Effects of supplemental xylanase on growth, gut health, and ileal nutrient digestibility in nursery pigs fed corn-soybean meal-based diets with two dietary energy levels.
I. Park
10:15 AM
#116 Porcine in vitro digestion and fermentation characteristics of wheat and wheat millrun without or with xylanase and β-glucanase blend.
Tofuko A. Woyengo
10:30 AM
#117 Supplemental effects of β-mannanase on growth performance, ileal nutrient digestibility, and gut health of nursery pigs.
Hongyu Chen
10:45 AM
#118 Effect of superdosing two sources and two levels of phytases on pig performance when supplemented to commercial nursery diets.
Chris Sparks
11:00 AM
#119 Effects of superdosing of microbial phytase in diets for weanling pigs.
T. D. Crenshaw
11:15 AM
#120 Effect of water-to-feed ratio on the digestibility of diets fed to growing-finishing pigs.
Cinta Sol
11:30 AM
#121 Effects of pelleting and extrusion on energy digestibility in pig diets containing different levels of fiber.
Oscar J. Rojas
11:45 AM
#122 Mix time does not affect growth performance in finishing pigs fed meal and pelleted diets with high inclusion (32% DDGS and 32% wheat midds) of alternative ingredients.
Megan E. Morts
12:00 PM
#123 Effect of sieving methodology on determining particle size of ground corn, sorghum, and wheat by sieving.
Julie R. Kalivoda