Forages and Pastures: Grasses and silages

Section: Forages and Pastures
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 2:00 PM–4:45 PM
Location: Suwannee 15
Chair: Paul Beck, University of Arkansas
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
2:00 PM
#263 Maturity is a larger driver of fatty acid content in summer annuals than nitrogen fertility.
Caleb P. Goossen
2:15 PM
#264 Effect of grazing seedhead-suppressed tall fescue pasture on the vasoactivity of serotonin receptors.
James L. Klotz
2:30 PM
#265 Microbial count, fermentation, and aerobic stability of regular- and brown midrib-corn hybrids ensiled with and without a combo inoculant.
Juan J. Romero
2:45 PM
#266 In vitro digestion kinetics of NDF from stockpiled Tifton 85 bermudagrass as influenced by N fertilization.
Samantha R. Sechler
3:00 PM
#267 Variation in aerobic stability of maize silage with and without microbial inoculant.
Ida K. Hindrichsen
3:15 PM
#268 A comparative study of lignin assays and relationship with grass digestibility.
Alejandro Vargas Velásquez
3:30 PM
#269 Using Bayesian inference to delineate diet composition of mixed forages.
Napoleón Vargas Jurado
3:45 PM
#270 Interaction of isoflavones and endophyte-infected tall fescue seed extract on vasoactivity of bovine mesenteric vasculature.
Yang Jia
4:00 PM
#271 Proximate and fiber composition of leaves and stems of Pennisetum purpureum varieties fertilized with animal manure.
Victoria O. Ojo
4:15 PM
#272 Effects of inoculated lactic acid bacteria on aflatoxin B1 in corn silage.
Zhengxin Ma
4:30 PM
#273 In vitro digestibility of dried cassava peel, mushroom degraded cassava peel and silage from guinea grass.
Bolanle T. Akinyemi