Forages and Pastures: Forages for livestock systems

Section: Forages and Pastures
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 9:30 AM–11:45 AM
Location: Suwannee 15
Chair: Kathy Soder, USDA-ARS-Pasture Systems and Watershed Management
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
9:30 AM
#61 Forage-finished steer performance and carcass characteristics from grazing high-energy forages during the finishing period.
Rachel M. Martin
9:45 AM
#62 Using weekly pasture growth and utilization measurements to make management decisions on Oregon dairies.
Troy W. Downing
10:00 AM
#63 Evaluation of sound-based detection of rumination in grazing dairy cows.
Santiago A. Utsumi
10:15 AM
#64 Evaluation of forage quality of five grains for use in sprouted fodder production systems for organic dairy cattle.
Bradley J. Heins
10:30 AM
#65 Protein quality of grass silage as affected by silage additives and its effects on dairy cow performance.
Elisabet Nadeau
10:45 AM
#66 Effects of type and level of energy supplementation on stocker cattle performance from annual ryegrass.
Carla J. Weissend
11:00 AM
#67 Performance of Bos indicus versus Bos taurus stocker cattle grazing ‘Coastal’ bermudagrass supplemented with distillers dried grains.
W. Brandon Smith
11:15 AM
#68 Interaction between a tannin-containing legume and endophyte-infected tall fescue seed on lamb feeding behavior and physiology.
Juan J. Villalba
11:30 AM
#69 Effect of a combination of lactic acid producing bacteria and fibrolytic enzymes on the ensiling characteristics of cool season grasses: A farm-scale application.
Jeffrey M. Chilson