Physiology and Endocrinology: Gametes and stress

Section: Physiology and Endocrinology
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Tuesday 2:00 PM–4:15 PM
Location: Panzacola H-4
Chair: Klibs Galvão, University of Florida
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2:00 PM
#582 The effects of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on in vitro fertilization in porcine oocytes.
Caitlin A. Streacker
2:15 PM
#583 Melatonin supplementation during oocyte maturation improves embryonic development in pigs.
Rachel L. Lane
2:30 PM
#584 Cumulus-oocyte complex gene expression in bovine preovulatory follicles after administration of porcine luteinizing hormone.
Amir Behrouzi
2:45 PM
#585 α-Lipoic acid improves the post-thaw quality and survival of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull sperm.
Nasim Ahmad
3:00 PM
#586 Comparison of fertility of liquid and frozen semen when varying the interval from CIDR removal to insemination.
Brittany N. Richardson
3:15 PM
#587 The effects of seasonal heat stress on sperm nuclear shape in boars.
John J. Parrish
3:30 PM
#588 Expressional regulation of chemerin and its receptors in the liver and adipose tissues of young cattle by weaning and nutrition.
Yutaka Suzuki
3:45 PM
#589 Modulation of the metabolic response to vaccination in naïve beef steers using an acute versus chronic stress model.
Nicole C. Burdick Sanchez
4:00 PM
#590 Mimicking acute and chronic stress exposure in naïve beef steers alters the acute phase response (APR) associated with vaccination.
Jeffery A. Carroll