Poster Presenters Starting with O

Note: The presenter list is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If a presenter’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this list will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this list consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies.

Oberg, Craig
Ochoa, Pedro A.
Odde, Kenneth G.
Oetzel, G. R.
Ogunade, Ibukun M.
Oh, S.-H.
Old, Carl A.
Oliveira, André S.
Oliveira, Celso
Oliveira, Dimas E.
Oliveira, J.P.
Oliveira, Ronaldo L.
Olveira Quadros, Thays Cristina
Ordoñez-Gomez, Ciro A.
Ortega, M. Sofia
Ortiz, Ronnal E.
Ortiz, Xavier A.
Ortiz-Colón, Guillermo
Orunmuyi, Modupe
Osorio, Ingrid
Osorio, J. S.
Ou, Zhining
Ouellet, D. R.
Ouellet, Véronique
Owens, F. N.
Owens, Fredric
Ozoje, Michael O.