Late-Breaking Original Research Session

Section: Late-Breaking Original Research Session
Day/Time: Sunday 3:00 PM–5:00 PM
Location: Panzacola F-1/2
Chair: Shawn Archibeque, Colorado State University
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
3:00 PM
#LB1 Fertility may depend on conceptus-derived signals in lactating dairy cows.
Bethany E. Liebig
3:15 PM
#LB2 Low fertility in postpartum dairy cows with subclinical endometritis (SCE) is not explained by failed ovarian response to a timed AI (TAI) protocol.
Roger Molina-Coto
3:30 PM
#LB3 Comparison of standardization methods for real-time qPCR to account for heterogeneous cell types in differing fat depots.
Brandon M. Koch
3:45 PM
#LB4 Supplementation of choline increases very low density lipoprotein export from bovine primary hepatocytes.
Tawny L. Chandler
4:00 PM
#LB5 Time and dry acidulant addition substantially reduce Salmonella concentration in extruded dog food.
Andrea Jeffrey
4:15 PM
#LB6 A life cycle assessment framework combining nutritional and environmental health impacts of diet: A case study on milk.
Ying Wang
4:30 PM
#LB7 Effect of heat stress on mammary gland autophagy during the dry period.
Yenny Ramirez-Lee
4:45 PM
#LB8 Monitoring survivability and infectivity of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus within two different on-farm lagoons.
Hein M. Tun