Lactation Biology II

Section: Lactation Biology
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Tuesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Risk factors for undergoing lactations >15 months in high-producing Holstein cows in a hot environment.
Jessica María Flores-Salas
Enhanced pre-weaning nutrition stimulates mammary gland development in dairy heifer calves.
Adam J. Geiger
Bovine, caprine and ovine serotonin receptors expression in the mammary gland during lactating and dry off by immunohistochemistry.
Aridany Suarez-Trujillo
Effect of the supplementation of a functional additive in prepartal cows of two breeds on the level of IgG in colostrum.
Claudia Ariza-Nieto
The effects of cabergoline administration at dry-off of lactating cows on udder engorgement, milk leakages, lying behavior, and udder health at calving.
Alex Bach
Dry-off facilitator cabergoline hastened the GLUT-1 decrease and lactoferrin increase in the mammary tissue during drying-off in dairy cows.
Marion Boutinaud
Transcriptome analysis of the mammary gland reveals new insights for the role of serotonin in lactation.
Jimena Laporta
Lactation performance of dairy cows milked 3 times per day and supplemented with two different formulations of bovine somatotropin.
Jozivaldo P. G. Morais
Effects of milking frequency and prolactin on milk production and expression of prolactin receptors in the mammary gland of dairy cows.
Izabella Thompson
Effects of inhibiting the lactogenic signal at calving on milk production and metabolic perturbations in cows.
Noémie Vanacker
Effect of increased milking frequency in early lactation on milk production, proliferation and apoptosis of mammary cells in dairy cow.
Juliana Mergh Leão
Effect of cortisol on mammary epithelial cell turnover: milk synthesis, proliferation and apoptosis.
J. A. Negrao
Effects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor on synthesis and secretion of β-casein, β-lactalbumin and lactoferrin in mammary epithelial cells.
J. A. Negrao
The barrier integrity of bovine mammary epithelial cells in vitro in response to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and lipoteichoic acid (LTA) treatment.
Christina Zbinden
Intravenous challenge with lipopolysaccharide does not induce a mammary immune response in dairy cows and does not affect the blood-milk barrier.
Olga Wellnitz
Characterization of mammary glucose metabolism during milk fat depression.
Natalie L. Urrutia
Transcriptome adaptation of the bovine mammary gland to a diet supplemented with linseed oil.
Nathalie Bissonnette