Animal Behavior and Well-Being I

Section: Animal Behavior and Well-Being
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Monday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Associations between feed push-up frequency, lying and feeding behavior, and milk composition of dairy cows.
Emily K. Miller-Cushon
Effect of timing of feed delivery on feeding behavior and productivity of dairy cows.
Meagan T. M. King
Relationships between dry matter intake, rumination time, lying behavior, and milk yield in lactating cows.
Dafu Shao
Association between lying behavior and subclinical ketosis in transition dairy cows.
Emily I. Kaufman
Metritic heifers search for a safe place.
Heather W. Neave
Feeding and social behaviors change prior to metritis diagnosis in transition dairy cows.
Heather W. Neave
LPS injection in pregnant ewes and the number of lambs born affect maternal behavior and the time to first suckling.
Cristiane G. Titto
Effect of increasing levels of babassu flour starch on feeding behavior of feedlot lambs.
Valdi Lima Júnior
Residual feed intake selection: Effect on gilt behavior in response to a lipopolysaccharide challenge.
Samaneh Azarpajouh
Effects of light programs and tryptophan supplementation on stress indicator parameters and growth of weaned piglets.
Lívea Maria Gomes
The effects of ethyl alcohol as a tool for pain management in neonatal pigs during castration.
Justin L. Lyles
Effect of surgical and band castration on indicators of chronic pain in 0-, 2-, and 4-month-old beef calves.
Daniela Melendez
Characteristics of agonistic behavior of commercially housed pigs after mixing.
Shin-Jae Rhim
Determining feeder space requirement for growing-finishing pigs.
Yuzhi Li
Effects of different number of animals relative to a single feeding space on performance and behavior in Holstein bulls fed high-concentrate diets.
Maria Devant
Effects of stocking density and source of forage fiber on short-term behavioral and lactational responses of Holstein dairy cows.
Mackenzie A. Campbell
Effect of temperament on feedlot performance and carcass traits in purebred and crossbred Nellore cattle.
Aline C. Sant'Anna
Agitated temperament related to worse carcass quality in feedlot cattle.
Désirée Ribeiro Soares
Effects of handling before and during processing on behavior and ADG of feedlot steers.
Ruth H. Woiwode
Temperament of beef cattle receiving supplementation on grazing system: daily gain, ultrasound measures, and intake behavior.
C. L. Francisco