Breeding and Genetics: Genomic methods and application - Dairy

Section: Breeding and Genetics
Format: Posters
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30 AM–9:30 AM
Location: Gatlin Ballroom
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Common copy number variation regions affecting dairy traits in Gyr cattle.
Gerson A. Oliveira Junior
Genome-wide association study on conception rate, milk production, and SCS in different stages of lactation for first three parities in US Holsteins.
Shogo Tsuruta
Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with thermoregulation in lactating dairy cows exposed to heat stress.
Serdal Dikmen
Multi-generational imputation of SNP genotypes and accuracy of genomic selection.
Sajjad Toghiani
Genome-wide association study for milk production traits in Russian dairy cattle.
Alexander A. Sermyagin
Identification of copy number variable gene families in Holstein and Jersey cattle.
Derek M. Bickhart
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in specific candidate genes are associated with phenotypic differences in days open for first lactation in Holstein cows.
M. Sofia Ortega
Animal selection for whole-genome sequencing by quantifying the unique contribution of homozygous haplotypes sequenced.
Jana L. Hutchison
A GWAS on heat tolerance phenotypes for Italian Holstein bulls.
Nicolo PP Macciotta
A genome-wide association study of mastitis in US Holstein and the relationship to mammary microbiome profile identifies novel QTL.
Heather Huson
The accuracy of genomic predictions for Japanese Holsteins using by GBLUP and ssGBLUP methods.
Yusaku Gotoh
Identification of loci associated with fertility in Holstein heifers.
Joao G. N. Moraes
Accuracy of genomic imputation in a Thai multibreed dairy cattle population.
Danai Jattawa
Identification of copy number variation in Brazilian synthetic dairy cattle breed.
T. B. R. Silva
Linkage disequilibrium in a Thai dairy cattle population with different Holstein fractions.
Skorn Koonawootrittriron
Improving the genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) approach for the identification of SNPs associated with Johne’s disease.
Nathalie Bissonnette