Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy rumen metabolism

Section: Ruminant Nutrition
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Thursday 8:30 AM–11:30 AM
Location: Panzacola F-2
Chair: Timothy Hackmann, University of Florida
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8:30 AM
#850 A novel inhibitor persistently decreased enteric methane emission and increased weight gain of high-producing Holstein cows without negatively affecting milk production.
Alexander N. Hristov
8:45 AM
#851 Effect of frequency of total mixed ration delivery on digestibility and milk production in lactating dairy cows: A meta-analysis and meta-regression.
Hamidreza Mirzaei-Alamouti
9:00 AM
#852 Relationship between rumen molar volatile fatty acid proportions and milk odd- and branched-chain fatty acid concentrations in cows fed diets containing sunflower oil.
Mina Vazirigohar
9:15 AM
#853 The effect of increasing level of by-product inclusion on milk production, milk composition, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen excretion in early lactation grazing dairy cows.
Tommy M. Boland
9:30 AM
#854 Effects of feeding Fermenten or urea on milk production, rumen nitrogen metabolism, and microbial nitrogen content in lactating dairy cattle.
Samuel W. Fessenden
9:45 AM
#855 Effect of passage rate and pH on microbial diversity and total methanogens in continuous culture.
Benjamin A. Wenner
10:00 AM
#856 Lactational performance and ruminal morphometrics when mid-lactation dairy cows are fed Sacchararomyces cerevisisae fermentation products.
Jon P. Pretz
10:15 AM
#857 Effects of nitrate and docosahexaenoic acid on methane production in lactating dairy cows.
G. Klop
10:30 AM
#858 Effects of clay (EcoMix) after a grain challenge on rumen health and metabolism of Holstein cows.
Saige A. Sulzberger
10:45 AM
#859 Magnitude of difference in chemical and nutrient profiles, ruminal degradation kinetics, and intestinal digestion of three different types of co-products from bio-oil processing for dairy cattle.
Xinxin Li
11:00 AM
#860 Amino acid profiles of ruminal microbes, ruminal undegradable protein, and gastrointestinal contents in lactating dairy cows when corn stover or rice straw replaces alfalfa hay.
Bing Wang
11:15 AM
#861 Effect of increasing concentration of dietary fiber in diets rich in plant oil on milk fat concentration, rumen parameters and feeding behavior of mid-lactating cows.
H. R. Mirzaei Alamouti