Physiology and Endocrinology Symposium: Progesterone as an endocrine regulator of fertility in cattle

Section: Physiology and Endocrinology
Day/Time: Monday 2:00 PM–5:00 PM
Location: Sebastian L-1
Chair: Cliff Lamb, University of Florida
Please note: last-minute changes to the program may not be reflected here.
2:00 PM
#323 The role of progesterone in uterine biology of ruminants.
Thomas E. Spencer
2:30 PM
#324 Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling corpus luteum function and progesterone concentrations in cattle.
Milo Wiltbank
3:00 PM
#325 Novel concepts on the role of prostaglandins on luteal maintenance and maternal recognition of pregnancy in ruminants.
Joe A. Arosh
3:30 PM
#326 The role of progesterone receptor on control of ovulation and oviductal transport in mammals.
Rebecca Robker
4:00 PM
#327 Contrasting effects of progesterone on fertility of dairy and beef cows.
Jeffrey S. Stevenson
4:30 PM
#328 The influence of progesterone (P4) during follicle development on endometrial and conceptus biology and fertility in dairy cows.
Rafael S. Bisinotto
4:45 PM
#329 Effect of manipulating progesterone before timed artificial insemination on reproductive and endocrine parameters in Irish Holstein-Friesian dairy cows.
Paul M. Fricke