Animal Health: Swine health & transition cows

Section: Animal Health
Format: Orals
Day/Time: Monday 2:00 PM–5:00 PM
Location: Sebastian I-2
Chair: Jeff Elliott, Balchem
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2:00 PM
#237 Protected sodium butyrate may reduce Salmonella spp. excretion in contaminated fattening pig farms.
M. Puyalto
2:15 PM
#238 Rapid cooling after acute hyperthermia alters intestinal morphology and may negatively affect pig health.
J. S. Johnson
2:30 PM
#239 Mycotoxin-contaminated diets affect immunity parameters of piglets.
Simone Schaumberger
2:45 PM
#240 Butyrate enhances disease resistance of piglets through up-regulated gene expression of endogenous host defense peptides.
Haitao Xiong
3:00 PM
#241 The effect of antiseptic compounds on umbilical cord healing and infection rates in neonatal piglets from a commercial facility.
Amanda L. Robinson
3:15 PM
#242 Porcine hepcidin protects piglet intestinal epithelial cells by aggregating Escherichia coli K88.
Huahua Du
3:30 PM
#243 Limited sun exposure increases 25(OH)D serum concentration and affects mRNA expression of the vitamin D enzymes in liver and kidney of growing pigs at high altitude.
Samanta R. Fensterseifer
3:45 PM
#244 Relationship between left displacement of the abomasum and daily milk yield in high-producing Chilean dairy cows.
Pedro G. Melendez
4:00 PM
#245 Comparison of hematological parameters in dairy cows during periparturient period.
Samir Kumar Dash
4:15 PM
#246 Characterizing the effect of feed restriction on biomarkers of leaky gut.
Sara K. Stoakes
4:30 PM
#247 Neutrophil function is dysregulated over the transition period.
Mallory A. Crookenden
4:45 PM
#248 The effects of grain-induced subactue ruminal acidosis on blood plasma proteomic characterization in dairy cows.
S. C. Li