Breeding and Genetics Symposium: Joint Interbull/JAM Session: Milk spectral data—Cost-effective information to improve expensive and limited traits in dairy cattle breeding

Section: Breeding and Genetics
Day/Time: Sunday 9:00 AM–12:00 PM
Location: Sebastian I-1/2/3
Chair: John B Cole* and Filippo Miglior**, *Animal Improvement, **Genomics Laboratory, Agriculture Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture and University of Guelph
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9:00 AM
#10 Capitalizing on fine milk composition for breeding and management of dairy cows.
Nicolas Gengler
9:30 AM
#11 Applications of milk spectroscopy data to select for feed efficiency and reduced methane emissions in dairy breeding programs.
Sinead McParland
10:00 AM
#12 Using milk spectroscopy phenotypes in genetic selection programs to improve the nutraceutical value of milk in dairy cows.
Henk Bovenhuis
10:30 AM
#13 Do milk spectroscopy phenotypes have a role to play in dairy fertility and health breeding programs?
Catherine Bastin
11:00 AM
#14 Implementation of mid-infrared calculated tools to select for novel traits in dairy cattle breeding.
Eileen Wall
11:30 AM
Panel Discussion