Poster Presenters Starting with C

Note: The presenter list is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If a presenter’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this list will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this list consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies.

Cabezas-Garcia, Edward H.
Cabral, Anderson R.
Caires, Kyle C.
Caldeira, Monica O.
Calderón-Leyva, Ma. Guadalupe
Callanan, Jennifer
Calomeni, Gustavo D.
Calsamiglia, Sergio
Camilo, Fernando R.
Campbell, Brian T.
Campbell, Mackenzie A.
Campos, Carla Cristian
Cannas, Antonello
Canterberry, Sarah C.
Canterbury, Landon G.
Cao, Zhijun
Caramalac, Luana S.
Cardoso Sanchês, Sâmara Stainy
Cardoso, Felipe C.
Carpenter, Abigail J.
Carriquiry, Mariana
Carulla, Juan Evagenlista
Carvalho, P. D.
Carvalho, V. B.
Casal, Alberto
Casellas, Joaquim
Cash, Kimberly A.
Casper, David P.
Casperson, Brittany A.
Castagnino, D. S.
Casteel, Tiffany
Castro-Ramos, Amneris M.
Cavani, Ligia
Cerny, Katheryn L.
Cersosimo, L. M.
Cervantes, Andres A. Pech
Cervantes, Miguel
Chae, Kyeongsu
Chagas, Juana
Chamberland, Julien
Chandler, Tawny L.
Chapman, Bryant R.
Chapman, Colleen E.
Chase, C. C.
Chay-Canul, Alfonso
Chebel, Ricardo C.
Checura, Celina M.
Chen, Lianmin
Cheng, Ni
Chester-Jones, Hugh
Chestnut, Allan B.
Chevaux, Eric
Chi, Fang
Chirgwin, Devan L.
Chizonda, Shalimbala
Cho, Kwang Hyeon
Choi, Tae Jeong
Choi, Yurina
Choudhary, Ratan K.
Chung, Hoyoung
Chung, K. Y.
Clavero, Tyrone
Claypool, Courtney K.
Coblentz, Wayne
Coblentz, Wayne K.
Cochrane, Fenella
Coleman, Danielle N.
Coleson, Megan P. T.
Collao-Saenz, Edgar A.
Collier, Robert J.
Colombarolli Bonfá, Hugo
Colpoys, Jessica D.
Condas, Larissa A. Z.
Contreras, G. Andres
Contreras, Viridiana
Contreras-Govea, Francisco E.
Cook, David E.
Cooney, Meagan
Cooper, Tabatha A.
Cornett, Melissa C.
Corona, Luis
Corro, Manuel D.
Costa, Joao H. C.
Cousillas, Georgina
Crossland, Whitney
Cruywagen, Christian W.
Cruz, Adriano
Cui, Shiquan
Culumber, Michele
Cummins, Ann
Cunha, Camila S.
Curtiss, Colleen N.