Oral Presenters Starting with F

Note: The presenter list is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If a presenter’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this list will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this list consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies.

Farmer, Chantal
Faulkner, M. J.
Feng, Xin
Fensterseifer, Samanta R.
Fernando, Samodha C.
Ferreira Júnior, Helvio C.
Ferreira, Gonzalo
Ferreira, Vera C.
Ferring, Cassandra L.
Fessenden, Samuel W.
Fidler, Andrew
Fiol, Carolina
Fischer, Amélie
Fischer, Vivian
Fleming, Allison
Foote, Andrew P.
Fragomeni, Breno D.
Franco-Gendron, Nancy
Fredin, Shane M.
Fricke, Paul M.
Friend, Theodore
Friggens, Nic C.
Froehlich, K. A.
Funston, R. N.
Furness, John B.