Oral Presenters Starting with C

Note: The presenter list is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If a presenter’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this list will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this list consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies.

Cabrera, Victor E.
Cadesky, Lee
Cai, Demin
Calkins, Chris
Campanili, Pedro R. B.
Campbell, Mackenzie A.
Campion, Francis P.
Cao, Zhijun
Cardoso, Felipe C.
Carpenter, Abigail J.
Carroll, Jeffery A.
Cartwright, Shannon L.
Carvalho, P. D.
Casal, Alberto
Casey, Theresa
Casper, David P.
Catterton, Tracy L.
Cayford, Eleonor L.
Cersosimo, L. M.
Chamorro, Manuel F.
Chandler, Tawny L.
Chebel, Ricardo C.
Chelikani, Prasanth
Chen, Bang
Chen, C.
Chen, Hongyu
Chen, Juncai
Chen, Liang
Chen, Yanting
Chesnais, Jacques P.
Chilson, Jeffrey M.
Choudhary, Ratan K.
Ciriaco, Francine M.
Claramunt, Martín
Clark, Jessica K.
Claypool, Courtney K.
Clayton, Hilary
Clemency, Lauren E. G.
Cleveland, Matthew A.
Cline, Garrett F.
Cochrane, Roger A.
Coffey, E. L.
Cohick, Wendie S.
Cole, John B.
Colpoys, Jessica D.
Cook, E. B.
Corah, Larry
Cottingim, Katie M.
Coverdale, Josie A.
Cox, Jordan L.
Cramer, Mary C.
Crenshaw, T. D.
Crookenden, Mallory A.
Cummins, Ann