Abstract #627

# 627
Use of a staphylococcal vaccine to reduce prevalence of mastitis and lower somatic cell counts in a registered Saanen dairy goat herd.
Felicia Kautz1, Stephen Nickerson*1, Lane Ely1, 1University of Georgia,.

The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the efficacy of a staphylococcal bacterin in reducing the prevalence of staphylococcal mastitis and somatic cell counts (SCC) in a commercial dairy goat herd. Does were vaccinated or left as controls, and the levels of mastitis and SCC monitored over 18 mo. Staphylococcus caprae (42.5%), S. xylosus (15.1%), and S. simulans (10.0%) were the predominant causes of intramammary infections (IMI). The new infection rate was 1.64 IMI/doe among vaccinates, which tended to be lower (P < 0.12) than controls (2.67 IMI/doe). The spontaneous cure rate of existing IMI after immunization was 1.28 cures/doe in vaccinates, which was higher than that observed in controls (0.6 cures/doe; P < 0.043). Average SCC of milk samples from vaccinates showed a tendency to be lower than that of controls (1274 × 103/mL vs. 1529 × 103/mL, respectively; P < 0.10). Results support the continued study of mastitis vaccines for use in managing staphylococcal mastitis and SCC in dairy goats.

Key Words: dairy goat, mastitis, vaccination