Exhibit Booth: 413

Website: http://www.aaalac.org

AAALAC International offers accreditation and education services for agricultural animal research programs. Earning accreditation demonstrates dedication to responsible animal care. It also assures research partners, funding sources, and the public of a commitment to quality research and good science. More than 940 institutions in 40 countries have earned AAALAC accreditation.

Adifo NV

Exhibit Booth: 524

Website: http://www.adifo.com

World market leader Adifo develops and services a unique range of feed industry-specific software tools for least-cost feed formulation, quality data management, ration calculation, cloud services and ERP. 600 customers in over 60 countries apply Adifo’s software to optimize their resources, to achieve optimal animal performance, to service their clients, to be more efficient and to be more profitable. Continuous input from users, more than 40 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology guarantee innovative products that make a difference.


Exhibit Booths: 620, 622

Website: http://www.adisseo.biz/

At Adisseo, we are nutritionists with a long tradition of applying our expertise to nutritional additives. We are dedicated to serving the animal production industry by helping premixers, feed manufacturers and integrators to improve their performance and to become more competitive.

ADM Animal Nutrition

Exhibit Booth: 320

Website: http://www.adm.com/specialtyingredients

ADM Animal Nutrition is a leading manufacturing, nutrition and marketing company, which offers a wide range of innovative products for the animal nutrition market. Known as a global leader in amino acids, ADM Animal Nutrition also offers consistent, high-quality feed products, supplements, premixes, custom ingredient blends and specialty feed ingredients designed to provide leading-edge solutions, enabling our customers to meet and optimize animal health and nutrition goals.

Ag Processing Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 724

Website: http://www.amino-plus.com

AminoPlus is the number one volume bypass protein soybean meal dairy supplement in the United States. The patented AminoPlus process utilizes soybean meal to provide high amino acid quality, rumen bypass and intestinal digestibility without the addition of chemicals or non-soybean components.

Agri-King Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 302

Website: http://www.agriking.com

Agri-King is a technology driven, global leader in livestock nutrition and forage treatment, focused on improving producer profitability. Agri-King’s main purpose is to improve our clients herd health through highly fortified and properly balanced diets while increasing their bottom line.

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)

Exhibit Booth: 405

Website: http://www.adsa.org/

Established in 1906, ADSA is an international organization of educators, scientists, industry, and government representatives who are committed to advancing the dairy industry. All are keenly aware of the vital role the dairy sciences play in fulfilling the economic, nutritive, and health requirements of the world’s population. Together, ADSA members have discovered new methods and technologies that have revolutionized the dairy industry. Please visit www.adsa.org for more information.

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS)

Exhibit Booth: 607

Website: http://www.arpas.org

The American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, ARPAS, is an organization which provides certification of animal scientists through examination, continuing education, and commitment to a code of ethics. Continual improvement of individual members is catalyzed through publications (including the PAS journal) and by providing information on educational opportunities.

American Society of Animal Science (ASAS)

Exhibit Booth: 529

Website: http://www.asas.org

Established in 1908, ASAS is a professional organization for animal scientists designed to help members provide effective leadership through research, extension, teaching, and service for the dynamic and rapidly changing livestock, companion animal, exotic animal, and food industries. Visit the ASAS booth for more information on: Journal of Animal Science (www.Journalofanimalscience.org), Animal Frontiers (www.animalfrontiers.org), Natural Sciences Education, AnimalSmart.org, ASAS Foundation, ASAS Membership, ASAS Sections, and ASAS Public Policy. Also, be sure to visit the ASAS Hospitality Suite to catch up with colleagues and relax. While you are there, take advantage of the mobile charging station and the ASAS Foundation Coffee Club. Registration for the Coffee Club is open year round. Sign up now at asas.org/membership-services/foundation/asas-coffee-club.

Animal Agriculture Alliance

Exhibit Booth: 223

Website: http://www.animalagalliance.org

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ANKOM Technology

Exhibit Booth: 424

Website: http://www.ankom.com

Ankom Technology is best known for the development of filter bag technology for automating fiber and fat analysis in foods and feeds. Ankom has products supporting in vitro digestibility, in vitro gas production, and in situ digestibility. Ankom products are in use in over 90 countries around the world.

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

Exhibit Booths: 621, 623, 720, 722

Website: http://www.vi-cor.com

A dairy cow’s lifecycle is a journey with many unexpected stops and starts along the way. Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition is committed to helping producers navigate through these challenging times with the right resources and the right solutions at the right time. Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition has acquired Vi-COR™, a world-class manufacturer of fermented yeast-based feed ingredients and Refined Functional Carbohydrates™ (RFC™). That means Celmanax™ and the rest of Vi-COR’s product portfolio is now part of the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition family, further strengthening its position as the brand that stands for “Animals First. Productivity Always.” Visit www.armandhammeranimalnutrition.com to learn more.


Exhibit Booths: 504, 506

Website: http://www.balchem.com

Balchem’s Animal Nutrition and Health Division brings the benefits of patented proprietary micro-encapsulation and chelated trace mineral technology to the livestock, poultry, and companion animal industries. Encapsulation and chelation technologies offer “protection nutrition” to sensitive compounds. Hence, these compounds become bioavailable when and where they offer the most benefit to the animal. Our products include ReaShure, NiaShure, AminoShure-L, NitroShure, KeyShure, VitaShure, and choline chloride.

Bar Diamond Inc

Exhibit Booth: 614

Website: http://www.bardiamond.com

Bar Diamond, Inc. provides the world with rumen cannulae and accessories. Our cannulae are used in cattle, goats, sheep, water buffalo, bison, deer, reindeer, llama, musk oxen, and a camel! Visit our booth and see our newest photos from around the world.

BIOMIN America Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 514

Website: http://www.biomin.net

We care for healthy animal nutrition - Naturally ahead We at BIOMIN are dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable solutions that ensure our customers’ success through healthy and safe animal nutrition. The application of science and expertise is based on first understanding and appreciating our customer’s needs and concerns. This principle enables us to deliver solutions that support animal health, optimize performance and production efficiency.

BioZyme Incorporated

Exhibit Booth: 613

Website: http://www.amaferm.com

BioZyme Inc. serves the agriculture industry as an innovator in the fields of animal nutrition and microbiology. In the business for more than 50 years, the company offers a complete line of high density, highly available vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements for animals plus Amaferm - a digestive enhancer that increases feed utilization, enhances health, increases energy, milk and gain. With headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo., the company reaches a global market with customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Visit Amaferm.com for information on the benefits of including Amaferm.

Bruker Optics, Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 521

Website: http://www.bruker.com

Save costs and improve quality by upgrading to the next generation of NIR analyzers. From control of feed ingredients to precise testing of proximates, these analyzers have also been used to monitor blending processes and optimize mill operation. They feature the lowest cost of ownership with a 10 year warranty on the permanently aligned Rock Solid TM Interferometer, eliminating time-consuming “instrument standardization” protocols. Samples can be measured in seconds without sample preparation

Bruno Rimini Corp.

Exhibit Booth: 221

Website: http://Silostop.com

Bruno Rimini make Silostop Oxygen Barrier Film. Protect the value of your feed-- keep oxygen out and nutrients in.

C-Lock Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 625

Website: http://c-lockinc.com/

GreenFeed is a low-cost (patented) system to measure CH4 and CO2 emissions from ruminants remotely in a nonintrusive way. CH4 and CO2 data collected several times daily provides valuable feedback on the performance of individual animals and can aid in maintaining animal health and in maximizing feed efficiency.

CABI Bookshop

Exhibit Booths: 410, 412

Website: http://www.styluspub.com

CABI is a not-for-profit international organization that improves people's lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. CSIRO PUBLISHING operates as an independent science and technology publisher, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, including agriculture, the plant and animal sciences, and environmental management.Distributed in North America by Stylus Publishing.

Cambridge University Press

Exhibit Booth: 313

Website: http://journals.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press publishes high-quality books and journals, including Animal: The International Journal of Animal Bioscience on behalf of The Animal Consortium, and Animal Health Research Reviews in collaboration with the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. Please stop by our booth to peruse these and other publications.

Central Life Sciences

Exhibit Booth: 415

Website: http://www.centralflycontrol.com

ClariFly® Larvicide is a feed supplement that prevents adult house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies from developing in and emerging from the manure of treated cattle. Unlike conventional insecticides that attack the nervous system of insects, ClariFly® works by interrupting the fly’s life cycle, rather than through direct toxicity. When mixed into cattle feed, ClariFly® passes through the digestive system and into the manure. With only very small concentrations, ClariFly® is able to disrupt the normal molting process of the fly larvae. ClariFly® even controls organophosphate and pyrethroid resistant flies.

Chr Hansen

Exhibit Booth: 505

Website: http://www.chr-hansen.com/animalhealth

Rooted in science, grounded in agriculture. Since 1874 Chr. Hansen has the largest collection of microbial strains for probiotics and silage inoculants in the world. So we can help you boost profitability, while meeting all regulatory requirements for safety. Probios® - SiloSolve® - BioPlus® - GalliPro®

Cobb-Vantress Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 304

Website: http://www.cobb-vantress.com

Cobb-Vantress is a global company using innovative research and technology to make protein available, healthy and affordable worldwide.

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

Exhibit Booths: 704, 706

Website: http://www.foragelab.com

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services is a full service forage and feed testing laboratory specializing in chemistry analysis.

Dairy Nutrition Plus

Exhibit Booths: 203, 205

Website: http://dairynutritionplus.com

SoyPLUS is the industry leader, consistently delivering dairy bypass protein, unbeatable protein quality and intestinal digestibility. SoyPLUS contains research proven higher energy and rumen inert fat. SoyChlor has proven itself in effectively balancing DCAD in herd health. SoyChlor’s key ingredient is hydrochloric acid, the most palatable source of chloride available.

Dairy One Forage Lab

Exhibit Booth: 425

Website: http://www.dairyone.com

Dairy One exists to help farms succeed. We do this by measuring components on the farm, from cow and crop production, to feed, soil and water analysis. Measuring the right things provides the critical information necessary to make informed decisions. We measure it so you can manage it.

Dairy Records Management Systems

Exhibit Booths: 406, 408

Website: http://www.drms.org

Dairy Records Management Systems provides innovative dairy information products and services for producers, DHIA staff, consultants and other dairy industry professionals. Comprehensive processed reports include Heifer Genomics Guide, Transition Cow Management and MUN Profile. Leading-edge software and web tools include PCDART, PocketDairy Android, Herd Detective, DairyMetrics, WebReports, and Reports On-Demand.


Exhibit Booth: 612

Website: http://www.dascor.com/ruminframe.html

DASCOR, Inc. manufactures a series of autonomous data loggers for ruminal research measurements of temperature, pH, ORP, NH4+, and pressure for use in cannulated cattle, and as boluses for use in sheep and goats.

Diamond V

Exhibit Booths: 303, 305, 402, 404

Website: http://www.diamondv.com/

Diamond V, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, is the world’s leading supplier of microbial fermentation products used to optimize digestive function and nutrition key to animal and aqua health, productivity, efficiency and profitability. A commitment to innovation, technology and quality has earned Diamond V a global reputation of trust and reliability within the animal feed industry. Diamond V’s brands include: Diamond V Original XPC, XP or YC, DiaMune Se, SelenoSource and DV Aqua -- are research-proven and engineered to deliver results.

DVM Systems LLC

Exhibit Booth: 322

Website: http://www.dvmsystems.com

DVM Systems, LLC is a Greeley, Colorado based company that develops and markets animal health temperature monitoring products internationally to dairy and beef farms, and research organizations providing customers with industry leading reproduction, early illness identification, calving alerts software and tamper proof identification. DVM’s unique dairy cow wireless RFID temperature monitoring system and TempTrack® software provides real time animal health data integrating information directly from most major dairy herd management software.

E. I. Medical Imaging

Exhibit Booth: 325

Website: http://www.eimedical.com

E.I. Medical Imaging® is a world leader and the only US manufacturer of portable ultrasound solutions specifically engineered for veterinary use. For the past 31 years, the Company’s core values have remained intact: putting the customer first and delivering solid, effective ultrasound solutions. EIMI provides the Ibex® portable ultrasound systems.


Exhibit Booth: 624

Website: http://www.eaap.org

EAAP annually organizes the largest animal science meeting in Europe. This meeting is the perfect venue to create a network with qualified animal scientists. EAAP produces the journal “Animal”, one of the highest ranked animal science magazines. EAAP has many other services and activities for its members: publishing scientific books, organizing specific and regional workshops and scientific meetings, coordinating international research projects, and defending positions of animal science and livestock industry at international level. To increase the quantity and quality of services to the animal science community, everyone is invited to become members and benefit from belonging to the EAAP community.


Exhibit Booth: 409

Website: http://www.us.elsevierhealth.com/?sgCountry=US

ELSEVIER is a leading publisher of health science publications, advancing medicine by delivering superior reference information and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners and students. With an extensive media spectrum — print, online and handheld, we are able to supply the information you need in the most convenient format.

Enovative Technologies

Exhibit Booth: 610

Website: http://magicpulsemassage.com/

Ingenuity for a Better Life Enovative Technologies designs products that help improve people’s lives. Our brands focus on enhancing comfort, well-being and convenience for our consumers.

Evonik Corporation

Exhibit Booths: 324, 326

Website: http://www.evonik.com

Evonik Industries is a global leader in the feed additives market. With seven production sites in five countries, we are the only company to produce and market all four of the important amino acids for modern animal nutrition - MetAMINO® (DL-Methionine), Biolys® (L-Lysine), ThreAMINO® (L-Threonine) and TrypAMINO® (L-Tryptophan). The continued growth of Mepron® , our rumen-protected DL-Methionine, further compliments Evonik's "one source" strategy. Through the 2015 construction of an additional Mepron® production site in the US, we are very well positioned to meet the growing needs of dairy producers locally and globally.


Exhibit Booth: 510

Website: http://www.fass.org

FASS was formed to support the common agricultural interests and streamline administrative expenses of our clients while preserving their traditions and values. We specialize in providing a wide array of management services to small and medium-sized, not-for-profit associations.

FDA/Office of Foods (OF)/Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM)

Exhibit Booth: 512

Website: http://www.fda.gov/animalveterinary

Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) -- A Consumer Protection Organization At CVM, a component of the U.S Food and Drug Administration, we ensure that animal drugs, food additives, animal devices, and medicated feeds are safe and effective. We ensure that food (for example: milk, meat, and eggs) from treated animals is safe for us to eat. And, we protect public and animal health by approving safe and effective products; monitoring marketed products for safety and effectiveness; conducting research; educating the public; and enforcing the applicable sections of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the law under which we operate.


Exhibit Booth: 523

Website: http://www.feedstuffs.com/

Feedstuffs is the leading news and information source for animal agriculture. Every week, we keep our subscribers informed on the important issues affecting the business of producing food for the world.

Feel Good, Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 225

Website: http://www.feelgoodinc.org

Relaxation station

Gasmet Technologies Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 604

Website: http://www.gasmet.com

Gasmet’s rugged FTIR multi-gas analyzers provide exceptional analytical precision for researchers measuring soil gas fluxes in the field. The DX-series portable FTIR Gas Analyzers are light-weight and compact for easy field transport and our CalcmetTM Software provides an easy-to-use interface for researchers to view multiple gases in near real-time.

GrowSafe Systems

Exhibit Booth: 712

Website: http://www.growsafe.com

GrowSafe’s advanced data acquisition and analytics platform automatically measures feed, water, weight, behavioral and situational data continuously from a plurality of sensors. We are seeking synergistic research collaborations to build new large scale data computational models to improve feed efficiency, profitability and sustainability in beef cattle, dairy and sheep industries.


Exhibit Booths: 615, 714

Website: http://www.kemin.com

Kemin offers a range of feed ingredients to help you raise healthy animals that produce safe food for consumers. It is through this focus on animal nutrition and health that Kemin offers Total Nutrition™, a comprehensive program providing safe, healthy and efficient solutions. Our Total Nutrition solutions can help you feed the world.

KTG North America

Exhibit Booths: 513, 515

Website: http://www.kdqfeed.com

With offices and distributors over 40 countries, King Techina plays a leadership role in microencapsulation technology to improve feed efficiency, animal performance and environmental sustainability for more than 15 years. Based on extensive R&D, King Techina has developed groundbreaking technology--Intelligent Microcapsule (IM) technology. To ensure that our customer receive high-quality products and professional services, we manufacture all of our products only in plants that are certified by ISO9001, GMP+ and FAMI-QS, and provide worldwide technical supports to satisfy customers’ need. Through continual innovation, King Techina aims to invent and promote sustainable solutions for human and animal health.

Laboratoires Phode

Exhibit Booth: 702

Website: http://www.phode.com

Located in France and founded in 1997 by Dr Daniel Eclache, Laboratoires Phodé, designs unique sensory and functional ingredients for the feed market. Phodé Sciences, Research and Innovation center of Laboratoires Phodé, aims to understand the effects of olfactive molecules and vegetable extracts on the brain and offering efficient solutions for the behavior and the Better-being targeting livestock performances. Original technologies, protected by international patents, come from the knowledge and know-how of Phodé research. Their efficiency is validated at field level, especially through quality partnerships with academic and industrial players in nutrition and environment sectors worldwide.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Exhibit Booths: 315, 414

Website: http://www.lallemandanimalnutrition.com/

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of yeast and bacteria for agricultural applications. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both. Core products are lyophilized bacteria for direct fed microbials (DFMs) and forage inoculants, probiotic active dry yeasts, and inactive yeast mineral supplements. Lallemand’s products are based on proprietary strains of yeast and bacteria and are developed through collaborations with leading research institutions around the world. Lallemand’s innovative product portfolio is marketed through commercial partnerships with leading companies and backed with local technical and marketing support.

Micronutrients USA, LLC

Exhibit Booths: 603, 605

Website: http://www.micro.net

Micronutrients, based in Indianapolis, is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of trace minerals for livestock and companion animals. Current development has led to the creation of a new class of trace minerals, hydroxy trace minerals. Use of the first mineral - IntelliBond C® (Micronutrients TBCC – tribasic copper chloride) has grown consistently for the past 15 years and is soon to be followed by zinc and manganese. Hydroxy trace minerals have been proven in over 70 research studies to deliver improved essential nutrient stability in feeds while significantly increasing the availability of the mineral to the animal.

National Animal Nutrition Program (NAMP)

Exhibit Booth: 411

Website: http://www.nanp-nrsp-9.org

The National Animal Nutrition Program (NANP) serves as a forum to identify high-priority animal nutrition issues and provide an integrated and systemic approach to sharing, collecting, assembling, synthesizing, and disseminating science-based information, educational tools, and enabling technologies on animal nutrition that facilitate high-priority research among agricultural species, with emphasis on beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, and poultry. The NANP is a research-support activity funded as a National Research Support Project with Hatch funds appropriated by the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and administered by the Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy and the State Agricultural Experiment Stations.

Novus International Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 314

Website: http://www.novusint.com

Novus is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, serves customers in more than 90 countries. An industry leader in animal nutrition and health, Novus’s products include Agrado® Plus feed ingredient, Alimet® and MFP feed supplements, Activate® nutritional feed acid, Mintrex® and MAAC® organic trace minerals, Santoquin® feed preservative, and other ingredients.

PetAg Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 602

Website: http://www.petag.com

Bospro® is an aspergillus mycelium product for ruminants which has demonstrated remarkable effects on increasing rumen function. Fermacto® is an aspergillus mycelium product for monogastrics which has demonstrated in poultry increased maturity levels of the gastrointestinal tract of the immature bird. Please stop by our booth #602 for data and samples.

PHILEO Lesaffre Animal Care

Exhibit Booths: 213, 312

Website: http://www.phileo-lesaffre.com

Lesaffre, the world's largest and oldest manufacturer of yeast products, features live yeast, MOS products, selenium yeast and enzymes.

Poultry Protein & Fat Council

Exhibit Booth: 503

Website: http://www.uspoultry.org/ppfc_index.cfm

The Poultry Protein & Fat Council solicits and sponsors research that would develop new and increased utilization of poultry byproduct meal, feather meal, blood meal, and poultry fat by demonstrating their efficacy in poultry, aquaculture, livestock, and companion animal rations.

Sable Systems International Inc.

Exhibit Booth: 407

Website: http://www.sablesys.com

Sable Systems is the worlds most trusted provider of tools and expertise for research in animal metabolism and behavioral sciences. Whether your focus is on livestock nutrition and diet or methane and CO2 emission studies, Sable’s precise, reliable, high-resolution systems measure MR, RQ, temperature, and water vapor. Our systems are designed to reduce external disturbance for your animal and to maximize your ease of setup and operation in the lab or a field environment.

SmartStock, LLC

Exhibit Booth: 215

Website: http://www.smartstock-usa.com

Animal health monitoring. Electronic bolus that monitors temperature remotely. Early Infection Detection Estrus Detection parturition Detection


Exhibit Booths: 403, 502

Website: http://www.soybest.com

Soy Best High Bypass Soybean Meal with Gums is bypass protein for dairy cows. Manufactured by the mechanical process, it contains no chemical solvents and is all-natural. Soy Best includes fresh soy gums with lecithin and phosphatidyl-choline. Research shows these nutrients behave like rumen-protected fat, resulting in even more bypass protein with excellent intestinal digestibility. Now nutritionists and dairy producers can choose between two Soy Best formulations: Original Soy Best with fresh soy gums and now Soy Best PEARL – the only high-bypass soybean meal available with rumen-protected lysine fortification.

UMG Trading LLC

Exhibit Booth: 525

Website: http://www.umgukraine.com

The Group was founded in 2006 by System Capital Management, the largest industrial and financial group in Ukraine. Today, the Group operates in the clay extracting industry (since January 2007), the flux and dolomite industry (since May 2012), and a number of new promising raw material sectors.

Unity Scientific, Inc

Exhibit Booth: 511

Website: http://www.unityscientific.com

Unity Scientific is a global leader in the design and manufacture of near infrared (NIR) instrumentation that serves a wide variety of applications in the animal science industry. Unity Scientific offers Forage, Feed and Dairy Analyzers that come pre-calibrated and provide quality results in 30 seconds.

University of Florida

Exhibit Booths: 508

Website: http://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/

The University Of Florida Department Of Animal Sciences offers Master of Science (thesis and non-thesis) and Doctor of Philosophy programs. Each program provides advanced training beyond the baccalaureate degree. Upon completion, students will be able to conduct research, teach, and carry out extension activities in animal agriculture across the major animal species: beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and equine. Areas of specialization include basic to applied aspects of meat processing, muscle biology, immunology, food safety, nutrition, reproductive physiology, microbiology, genetics, breeding and animal behavior. More details are available at http://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/students/graduate/index.shtml Phone:352 392 2180