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Effects of spray-dried plasma on immune responses of pregnant mice to lipopolysaccharide as a model for inflammation in sows.
M. Song*1, Y. Liu1, J. J. Lee1, J. A. Soares1, T. M. Che1, J. M. Campbell2, J. Polo2, J. C. O'Connor3, J. E. Pettigrew1, 1University of Illinois, Urbana, 2APC Inc., Ankeny, IA, 3University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio.

A study evaluated the effects of spray-dried plasma (SDP) on immune responses of pregnant mice (C57BL/6 strain) to lipopolysaccharide (LPS; Salmonella typhimurium) as a model for inflammation in sows. The mated female mice (n = 125; 2 replicated groups, 62 or 63 mice/group) were shipped from Bar Harbor, ME to Urbana, IL on the day the vaginal plug was found (gestation day (GD) 1), arriving at the laboratory on GD 3. They were housed in individual cages, randomly assigned to dietary treatments with or without 8% SDP (SDP or CON), and fed for 15 d. The diets were formulated to similar ME, CP, and AA levels without antibiotics. On GD 17, pregnant mice (n = 17; 27 ± 1.7 g BW) were randomly assigned to intraperitoneal injections with or without 2 µg LPS in 200 µL PBS (LPS or PBS) and euthanized 6 h later to collect gestational tissues (uterus (U) and placenta (P)). Measurements were pro-inflammatory cytokines (PRO; tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) and interferon-γ (IFN-γ)) and anti-inflammatory cytokines (ANTI; interleukin-10 (IL-10) and transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1)) by ELISA, and total protein (TP) using Bradford's reagent and bovine serum albumin to normalize those cytokines. The LPS challenge increased (P < 0.05) PRO and reduced (P < 0.05) ANTI in both U and P, except IL-10 in P, compared with the PBS challenge (Table). The SDP reduced (P < 0.05) PRO in U and P and ANTI in U only compared with the CON (Table). The SDP attenuated the LPS effect on PRO (interactions: TNF-α in P (P = 0.09), IFN-γ in U (P = 0.08) and P (P < 0.05); Table). In conclusion, SDP attenuated acute inflammation caused by LPS. Table 1. Effect of SDP on immune responses in gestational tissues of pregnant mice to LPS
Uterus, pg/mg
Placenta, pg/mg
*NS = not significant.

Key Words: immune responses, mice, spray-dried plasma

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